CM2014 Conference Abstracts & Handouts

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A Model for Spoke Services? The AAC Service for Adults in GloucestershireKatherine Broomfield (Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust), Louise Walters (Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust)
A new tool to support communication between dentist and patients with intellectual and communication disabilitiesA new tool to support communication between dentist and patients with intellectual and communication disabilitiesDownload Handout (pdf 6.4MB)
A Newly Developed Computerised Accessible Receptive Language Assessment (CARLA)Andrea Kirton (Barnsley Assistive Technology Team), Simon Judge (Barnsley Assistive Technology Team), Zoe Clarke (Barnsley Assistive Technology Team), Marcus Friday (Barnsley Assistive Technology Team)
A Programmed Approach for Implementing the ProxTalkerSandra Hartley (Logan Technologies)
A Right to CommunicateHelen Fletcher (NHS Dumfries & Galloway)Download Handout (pptx 6MB)
A Right to Speak: Supporting pupils with communication difficultiesDavid Fletcher (Forth Valley Right to Speak Partnership)
A Toolkit for Teachers: Lesson ideas and activities for pupils using AACDeborah Jans (Keycomm Resource Centre), Nicky Ford (Keycomm Resource Centre), Susan Henderson (Keycomm Resource Centre)
AAC Around the UKHeather Crawford, Morag Ferguson , Jacquie Kemp, Sally Chan
AAC Online: A series of learning modules for introductory training in AACSally Millar (CALL Scotland), Craig Mill (CALL Scotland)
Arabic/English Symbol Dictionary: Early challenges and technological opportunitiesE A Draffan (University of Southampton), Nawar Halabi (University of Southampton), Mike Wald (University of Southampton), Amal Idris (Hamad Medical Center - Qatar), Amatullah Kadous (Hamad Medical Center - Qatar), Aejaz Zahid (Mada Center - Qatar)Download Handout (pdf 409KB)

“Are Young People who use AAC Equipped to Live Independently?” is locked
Are Young People who use AAC Equipped to Live Independently?
Beth Moulam
ChatAble: The revolution in AAC appsLouisa Bainbridge (Therapy Box Ltd)
Cloze of PlaySally Conner (Ingfield Manor School - Scope)
Come On, "Sign Out Loud"Kate McCallum (Beaumont College), Sally Featon (Beaumont College)
Communication training for healthcare assistants supporting young people with complex communication needsCheryl Hanson (Manchester Metropolitan University)Download Handout
Could Speaker Identification Improve the Effectiveness of Aided Communication?Simon Judge (Barnsley AT Team & Sheffield University)
Creative Communication WorkshopClaire Evans (University of Leeds), Catherine Harris (Communication Matters)
Delivering 'A Right to Speak' for Scotland: UpdateMorag Ferguson (NES)
Developing a Quality Assurance process for local AAC services to access equipment fundingAnna Reeves (ACE Centre), Suzanne Martin (ACE Centre), Judith De Ste Croix (Bristol Communication Aid Service)
Developing an effective AAC service within the NHS and Education settingsHelen Robinson (Bradford SLT Service), Shelagh Crossley (Chellow Heights Special School)Download Handout
Developing Communication Systems for People with Complex Physical, Learning and Visual DifficultiesJudy King
Development of LAMP within the UKAndrea McGuinness (ATtherapy)Download Handout
Discover Sensory Guru Products: Developing effective AAC strategies through playShona Mitchell (Sensory Guru Ltd), Lee Blemings (Sensory Guru Ltd)
Effects of Assistive Communication Training on Stereotypy with Individuals with ASDJacqueline Sura (STEPS Center for Excellence in Autism - Ohio), Melinda Griffin (STEPS Center for Excellence in Autism - Ohio), Michele Dunn (STEPS Center for Excellence in Autism - Ohio)Download Handout
Employment: An aspiration for those with severe communication impairments?Helen Whittle (Manchester Metropolitan University)Download Handout
Eye to EyePatrick Bates
EyeTracking Reports for AACHector Minto (Tobii-DynaVox)
Get Up and Go - Now!Toby Hewson
Getting communication right: The Cornwall Communication Charter one year on!Sally Mills (Cornwall Adult Learning Disability Team)
How a range of AAC methods have supported participation within Sense Scotland's Service User Consultation GroupTina Yu (Sense Scotland), Margaret Mackenzie (Sense Scotland)Download Handout
I am wondering: who is the real customer here?!Toby Hewson
I can see what you're thinking! Eye gaze technology for the complex studentSandra Thistlethwaite (Inclusive Technology Ltd)
Implementation of AAC strategies, or lack of: Parents' and AAC users' perspectivesEliane Mackintosh, Angela McCormack
Download Handout
Improving Privacy in Communication AidsJack Browne (Sheffield Hallam University)
Download Handout
Information Resources and SpeechBubbleKatharine Buckley (ACE Centre)
Introducing DynaVox T10Tina Voizey (Toby Churchill Ltd)
Introducing Grid 3Barney Hawes (Sensory Software International Ltd)
IPAACKS: What knowledge of AAC do I need for my job?Janet Scott (SCTCI)
Joke Telling WorkshopLee Ridley
Latest Products from LiberatorMark Street (Liberator)
Listening to different voices in families using AACDeborah Pugh (Northamptonshire NHS Healthcare Foundation Trust)
Mapping AAC in the Netherlands: Applying the CM:RM templateGillian Townend (Research Centre for Technology in Care), Ruth Dalemans (Centre of Expertise for Innovative Care and Technology), Uta Roentgen (Centre of Expertise for Innovative Care and Technology)
MNDA Neuro Wheelchair Project: The right chair at the right timeChristine Orr (Leeds Wheelchair Centre)Download Handout
Mobile Applications to Support Communication and Leisure Pursuits for Patients with Acquired Brain InjuryMarie Cox (National Rehabilitation Hospital Dublin), Kevin Doherty (Trinity College Dublin)
Music as a Universal Language - WorkshopMark Rowland
Mystery Shopping: Raising the profile of an online AAC resourceLois Cameron (Talking Mats Ltd), Grant Douglas (Talking Mats Ltd), Elspeth Molony (Stroke Association Scotland)
Natural Language Development in AACLindsey Paden Cargill (Helping Hands Center for Special Needs - USA)
Parent PowerAlison Webb (Cornwall NHS Foundation Trust)
Pictorial Communication: Making it happenChristine Fincham
Poetry Workshop: A love poem to an everyday objectJon Seagrave, David Young
Positive Health in a Person-Centred WayTina Seed (Grimsby CLDT), Linda Naveran (Grimsby Health & Well Being Centre)
Review of AAC Stroke Cases to Identify Common Practice and Consider OutcomesZoë Clarke (Barnsley Assistive Technology Team), Marcus Friday (Barnsley Assistive Technology Team), Andrea Kirton (Barnsley Assistive Technology Team), Vicky Johnson (Barnsley Assistive Technology Team), Simon Judge (Barnsley Assistive Technology Team)Download Handout
Reviewing an NHS Service Development Project: Assessment and outcomes criteria for LAMPHelen Robinson (Bradford SLT Service)Download Handout
Richard's Voice: What makes it work?Sandra Kershaw, Naomi Donougher
Seen but Seldom Heard: Using performance poetry to raise awareness about disabilityCarrie Hodges (Bournemouth University), Wendy Cutts (Bournemouth University)Download Handout
Seldom Heard Voices and the Shouting MuteWendy Cutts (Bournemouth University), Carrie Hodges (Bournemouth University), Jon Seagrave aka 'Jonny Fluffypunk', David Young aka 'Shouting Mute'
Supporting AAC users with Literacy using Clicker 6Anne Williams (Cornwall Augmentative Communication Team)Download Handout
Symbols in Health and Social Justice SectorsDoug Watt (Widgit Software)
Symbols or Text, Wordbanks or Worksheets: Supporting students who use AAC to access the curriculumMarion Stanton (CandLE Limited) Download Handout
Talkabout AAC: Development of an online AAC user forumAngela McCormack (1Voice), Catherine Harris (Communication Matters), Rohan Slaughter (Beaumont College)Download Handout
Talking Mats and Dementia: Training family membersJoan Murphy (Talking Mats Ltd)Download Handout
Talking Mats: an overview of the literatureSteffy E.A. Stans (Zuyd University of Applied Sciences - The Netherlands), Ruth Dalemans (Zuyd University of Applied Sciences), Luc de Witte (Zuyd University of Applied Sciences), Anna Beurskens (Zuyd University of Applied Sciences)
TaSSeLs: Tactile Signing for Sensory LearnersJoe Woodall (The Orchard School), Denise Charnock (The Orchard School)Download Handout
Teaching With Core Words: Building blocks for communication and curriculumJennifer Marden (AssistiveWare)
Ten Reasons Why Mind Express Supports the Development of Language and Communication Skills for ClientsIan Foulger (Techcess Communications Ltd)
Testing the Reliability and Validity of the Therapy Outcome Measure for AAC
Sally Boa (Talking Mats Ltd), Joan Murphy (Talking Mats Ltd), Pam Enderby (University of Sheffield)Download Handout
The DART Project: Improving assistive technology provision in Further Education
Rohan Slaughter (Beaumont College - Scope), Trevor Mobbs (Beaumont College - Scope)Download Handout
The Psycholinguistics of Word Production Applied in AAC
Bruce Baker (University of Pittsburgh)
Understanding the Roles of Automaticity, Motor Planning, and Executive Function in AAC
Bruce Baker (University of Pittsburgh; Semantic Compaction Systems Inc.)
Unspoken Taking Centre Stage
Katie Caryer, Wendy Greenwell , Paul Mooney
Update on Talking Mats: New resources and projectsJoan Murphy (Talking Mats Ltd), Sally Boa (Talking Mats Ltd), Lois Cameron (Talking Mats Ltd)
Using CODES Collaboratively to Support Children and Young People to Communicate EffectivelyNicola Ford (Keycomm Resource Centre), Susan Henderson (Keycomm Resource Centre), Deborah Jans (Keycomm Resource Centre)
Using My Head to Talk, Not My MouthCourtney Allen
Using performance poetry to research and communicate lived experiences of AAC usersCaroline Hodges (Bournemouth University), Wendy Cutts (Bournemouth University)
Using portable touch screen technology to promote play and communication in early developmentMelanie Ross (Keycomm Resource Centre)
Using Speech Sounds to Construct Messages for Aided CommunicationAndrea Kirton (Barnsley Assistive Technology Team), Simon Judge (Barnsley Assistive Technology Team)
Visual Support Project: Structured implementation of visual symbol supports within mainstream schoolsJulie Baxter (Edinburgh Visiting Teaching & Support Service)
What do I get out of working?Scott Stack
What is 'significant support' for people who use AAC?Liz Moulam, Janice Murray (Manchester Metropolitan University)
What is New in Proloquo2Go 4 and Proloquo4TextDavid Niemeijer (AssistiveWare), Jennifer Marden (AssistiveWare)
Where to Start? A journey through a complex AAC assessmentAndrea Kirton (Barnsley Assistive Technology Team), Victoria Johnson (Barnsley Assistive Technology Team)
Working As Assistant University Tutor in Speech, Language and CommunicationScott Stack
Download Handout
Working Together, Communicating Together: Involving AAC service users within LothianDeborah Jans (Keycomm Resource Centre), Helen White (Edinburgh Development Group)