Working As Assistant University Tutor in Speech, Language and Communication



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    • Scott Stack


I want to tell an audience about the current job I have, at the University of St Mark and St John, in Plymouth. I am an assistant tutor in speech, language and communication. I want to explain the role and the responsibilities I have, how the opportunity came about, and, how my life has changed since I started working there. I will also give you a brief insight into what I use my own personal office for. And my hopes for the future, in terms of employment.


I will present to the audience, using my communication aid to narrate what I have been doing in my job and in my office. I will use PowerPoint as a visual aid. I have also made a video, which I want to share, so i can demonstrate ‘a typical day at work for me’.


When I was first given this opportunity, I was scared about the time and commitment needed to fulfil the role. But, I adapted to the new routine and have realised that I can do more, especially if I enjoy what I am doing. I work hard in my office, to prepare notebooks on my communication aid, that in the long term help me progress in conversations with people, especially those who do not necessarily know me. I also like interacting and meeting students that want to learn from me, and about life. Also, by doing the video that demonstrated a typical day at work, it helped people appreciate how busy I am, when I am at work.


I think my communication has improved a lot since I have worked in the University of St Mark and St John. I talk to the students when I see them and I talk to my lecturer. We have good meetings on a weekly basis to talk about our work. I think my lecturer likes me working for her. We do presentations for lectures together for the students and I help her to teach students about AAC. The students have said to me that they think I do a good job for them at the University of St Mark and St John, because they see me use my device, which helps them to understand potential people they will work with in the future. They can learn from me and I can help them by talking about my experiences and my knowledge of my device.

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Further/Higher Ed.

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