I can see what you’re thinking! Eye gaze technology for the complex student



Sponored Research

    • Sandra Thistlethwaite (Inclusive Technology Ltd)


Have you ever thought “If only we knew what you were thinking” when working with students? Is it possible to look into someone’s ‘mind’s eye’? Can eye-gaze technology help us achieve this? This presentation will describe the background and development of eye-gaze resources to meet the needs of students with more complex needs and what those resources can tell practitioners about a student’s learning skills.


An initial study of a group of students at the early stages of using eye-gaze was first conducted in 2012. The results of that study highlighted a need for specific resources to help develop skills and identify areas of difficulty in students with more complex needs. Inclusive Eye Gaze Attention and Looking was developed specifically to meet these needs and was published in March 2014.


Initial trials of the software have been very encouraging. Results and feedback (including video footage) from ongoing trials with teachers, therapists and students will be available in the presentation.


What eye-tracking technology can offer is the direct, objective and quantitative observation of looking behaviours – this might not tell us exactly what the student is thinking, but can provide important information on their vision, motivation and learning skills.

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