Introducing DynaVox T10




    • Tina Voizey (Toby Churchill Ltd)


As exclusive partners of Dynavox, Toby Churchill is proud to present the latest communication device in the Dynavox range, the T10 featuring Compass software! Come and see how the T10 seamlessly combines the power of tablet technology with the robustness, versatility and adaptability expected of a dedicated AAC device.

We will look closely at the Compass software and how it can quickly and easily grow and adapt to meet the communication needs of a user, as well as support positive behaviour and social interactions. A range of pagesets with features specifically developed to support people with stroke and brain injury, autism and learning difficulties provides a supportive and intuitive environment for meaningful communication and interaction.

All attendees at the presentation will be entered into a draw for a free Compass app to be used on any iPad or Windows device!

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