ISAAC (International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication) is a worldwide organisation that focuses on the needs of people with complex communication needs. These people may benefit from AAC systems to maximise their opportunities and enhance their life.

ISAAC began in 1983 and now has thousands of members in 50 countries. There are national ISAAC groups, called chapters, in 15 of these countries. They are co-ordinated by ISAAC’s secretariat in Canada. ISAAC publishes its own AAC Journal and organises a biennial conference. Visit ISAAC’s website.

Communication Matters is the UK chapter of ISAAC, and one of its most active globally. All our members automatically become members of ISAAC, joining an international community of people interested in promoting AAC. ISAAC members get:

  • Copies of ISAAC’s email news bulletins
  • Reduced subscriptions to ISAAC journals and publications
  • Reduced registration fees to attend the ISAAC Biennial International Conference

ISAAC’s Biennial Conference

The next conference will take place at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre in Gold Coast in Mexico, from 3-6 August 2020.

ISAAC’s Governance Handbook

The Handbook specifies the bylaws, procedures, responsibilities, and processes followed in the governance and management of ISAAC. You can download it here.

Communication Support World Network

This newsletter is a development of the old ‘Augmentative Communication World Network’. The new name reflects the strengthening international connections that are developing to connect, support and disseminate information on AAC projects across the world. It was a publication of the Central Coast Children’s Foundation (CCCF) by Sarah Blackstone and Harvey Pressman, ownership was transferred to ISAAC in early 2017. The newsletters can be downloaded from ISAAC website

ISAAC suggests that if you have an NHS email account, you should consider using a personal or other email address to email them. This is because some people experience problems caused by NHS email blocking filters.

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