Communication Matters works across the UK to promote the best possible communication for people with complex communication needs. We aim to involve AAC Users in everything we do.

  • Campaigning

    for equitable national provision of AAC services and equipment

  • AAC Information Days

    UK-wide programme of update days on AAC development, run in partnership with commercial members

  • Conference

    annual conference for AAC users, family members, and professionals

  • Study Days

    training days in specific areas of interest and ‘hot topics’ in AAC

  • Publications

    series of leaflets, range of journals, books and DVD

  • E-News

    the latest news on AAC, delivered monthly by email

  • AAC Forum

    ask questions and share knowledge about AAC with others online

  • Small Grants

    available for not-for-profit projects that further the aims of Communication Matters

  • Research

    undertaking ground-breaking AAC research projects

  • AAC Awards

    made annually to a person who uses AAC and has made a significant contribution to the creative arts


    Communication Matters is the UK Chapter of the International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Ways to Get Involved

Keep in touch by email. Join the conversation.

Attend an event. Join us. Join the Research Involvement Network to be a part of future research.

Donate Money or Volunteer your time.

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