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    • Scott Stack


I want to share my experience of working as an assistant lecturer for speech and language therapy students in the University of St Mark and St John, Plymouth, for a 12 week period. I also have my own office there, and I want to explain what I use this for, and discuss why I wanted one.


Using my communication aid I will narrate what I have been doing in my job and in my office. I will use PowerPoint as a visual aid. I have also made a video, which i want to share, so i can demonstrate some of my responsibilities, and to show how my communication has progressed over 12 weeks.


Since i started my job, I have a very busy week, and I have to work hard to do the work for the lectures, as well as the work I need to do for me and my communication. I also need to try and balance my work and my private life. Also, most of the work I have done in the past has been spending time at home to build up pre-stored presentations to deliver to an audience, on que. This experience has been very different as most of the time I have to be spontaneous with my communication when talking to people around the university. This has improved my communication immensely, as I need to say more for people that do not know me to understand me. Since working at the University, the students have learnt from me, and how important my communication aid is to me.


The students have said to me that they think I do a good job for them at the University of St Mark and St John, because they see me use my device, which helps them to understand potential people they will work with in the future. They can learn from me and I can help them by talking about my experiences and my knowledge of my device.

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