Equipment and services suppliers conform to the Communication Matters Code of Conduct.

They can demonstrate, supply, customise and deliver training about communication aids. Some suppliers can offer trials or loans of equipment.

Please note that CM cannot recommend a particular supplier as everyone’s needs are different. CM is not endorsing the material on supplier websites or social media pages.

Abilia Ltd

01954 281 210

  • Communication solutions
  • Environmental Control solutions
  • Cognition solutions
  • Products – Lightwriter, Gewa Control Omni, Micro Voice Amp, Emfit, Intelligaze, Rolltalk NOVA, MEMOdayplanner, Handi, Big Jack, and more.

Ability World Ltd

David Weatherburn
0845 47 47 245

  • Communication / choice boards, portable communication books and folders, communication totes, communication/PODD book binders, desktop communication easels, etc.
  • Communication aids: AbleNet range (BIGmack, iTalk2, etc), GoTalks, Megabee, Frenchay Alphabet Board and many more
  • Switches, switch-adapted toys, switch mounts, joysticks and trackballs and many other access products


+81 29 861 5491

We provide a flexible and adaptable image range censor interface for persons with motor dysfunction who cannot use normal interface.

AAGI: Augmentative and Alternative Gesture Interface is a gesture interface can extend user’s capabilities selectively.
We develop a fundamental multi-gesture recognition engine for persons with motor dysfunction who cannot use standard interface, with analyzing and categories a wide variety of gestures from them. To adapt a basic recognition engine to each user, we tried to develop an interface for the people who cannot use traditional interface.
For users with motor dysfunction, all software will be supplied through our home page gratis.

Assistive Control Ltd

Kate Browne
01886 884 188

  • Customised AT solutions
  • Typeassist


  • Proloquo2Go
  • Proloquo4Text
  • Pictello
  • Keeble
  • Keedogo (Plus)
  • News-2-You
  • Wrise
  • Infovox iVox

Claro Software Ltd

Alasdair King
01772 977 888

  • ClaroRead
  • ScreenRuler
  • ClaroCom App
  • ClaroPen App

Crick Software Ltd

Jordan Butel
01604 671 691

  • Clicker 7
  • WriteOnline
  • Clicker Apps for iPads & Chromebooks
  • Clicker Communicator App
  • SuperKeys App

Dad In A Shed

Steve Smith
01933 673 806

  • iPad Bundles, Switch Access for iPads, Proloquo2go, Proloquo4Text, Predictable
  • Eye Gaze Bundles, Eye Gaze Trackers
  • Training, Assessment


Jack Ackroyd
01423 798 254


  • Emego assistive switch
  • Electronic medical device design
  • Electronic medical device manufacturing

EyeFree Assisting Communication Ltd

Or Retzkin
+972 52 649 0093

The EyeControl is a wearable personal communication device that gives a voice to locked-in patients. Using audio feedback and eye gestures, the EyeControl is a standalone portable device that allows for immediate and around-the-clock communication. A head-mounted infrared camera tracks the eye movements and sends the information to a small processing unit which translates the movements into communication. The bone conduction component provides audio feedback to the user before the communication is transmitted to the output speaker or connected Bluetooth device, all without the need for a screen.

Inclusive Technology Ltd

Ian Loughlin
01457 819 790

  • myGaze Assistive & Eye Gaze Software
  • HelpKidzLearn Online Services (Games & Activities, ChooseIt! Maker 3 & Insight)
  • Swtich Access & Switch Software
  • Computer Access & Mounting Solutions

Liberator Ltd

Mick Davies
01733 370470 / 01733 374990

  • Liberator Rugged 7, Accent 800 / 1000 / 1400, NuEye Eyegaze & NOVA chat 5 / 8 / 10 / 12
  • Unity, easyChat, The Grid 3, WordPower, LAMP Words for Life, Essence, LLL and Wordcore
  • Low-Tech Communication Aids, Switches, Adapted Toys, Computer Access & Accessories

Mounts & More Ltd

Ian Bullock
01455 212 777

Wheelchair Mounts, Desk Mounts and Floor Stands by DAESSY for:
– Communication Devices
– iPads, Tablets & Laptops
– Switches
– Cameras, and more…

Possum Ltd

01296 461000

  • Electronic Assistive Technology
  • Switches
  • Mounts
  • Telecare


01372 725203

  • Custom made products
  • Ready made products
  • Bugzi Loan Scheme
  • Travelchair
  • Switch adapted toys
  • Refer to other QEF services for assessments for driving, wheelchair & scooter, transfer & seating + much more

Scandle Ltd

Becka Kitchin
01229 585173

Sensory Guru Ltd

Lee Blemings
01892 771 381

  • Tobii Hardware & Software (full product range)
  • Tobii AAC training and end user support
  • Bespoke AAC Content Programming

Smartbox Assistive Technology Ltd

Nick Ward
01684 578 868

  • Access specialists, including eye gaze, touch switch and head pointers
  • Grid Pad Go, Grid Pad Pro and Grid Pad Eye communication aids
  • Grid 3 software, including Fast Talker, Word Power, Vocab for life and more
  • Onsite visits with assistive technology experts
  • Free training and support available

Smile Smart Technology Ltd

01635 37550


Steeper Ltd

Lee Hoppley
0113 207 0449

  • Eye Gaze Technology
  • Environmental Controls
  • Access Control

Talking Mats Ltd

Lois Cameron
01786 479511

  • Talking Mats Digital
  • Talking Mats Original

Techcess Ltd

Martin Green or Ian Foulger
01476 512 881

Techcess currently supply the following products from their sister company, Jabbla

  • AAC Devices – Tellus, Mobi, Allora, Smart and Zingui
  • Access technologies – Eye Gaze (wide range), Head movement, switches.
  • Software – MindExpress, Eurovocs Suite

The Makaton Charity

Nickie Wren
01276 606 760

  • Training for parents, carers & professionals
  • Resources using Makaton symbols and signs
  • Free family advisory service

Therapy Box Ltd

Swapnil Gadgil
020 8749 3474

  • Therapy Box Apps: Predictable for iOS, Predictable for Android, ChatAble, Scene & Heard, Inku, Minimal Pairs, Odd One Out, Phonics Keyboard
  • Partner Apps: Proloquo2Go by Assitiveware and Grid Player by Sensory Software
  • Switch accessible iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

Tobii Dynavox Ltd

Rob Gregory
0114 481 0011

  • PCEye Go – PCEye Mini
  • VocaliD Voice Banking
  • myTobiiDynavox Message Banking
  • Core First
  • Snap Scene
  • Windows Control

Voice Aid

Martyn Barklett-Judge
01803 612772

  • Communication solutions
  • Products – 18W portable voice amplifier, headset mic, throat mic, adhesive pad mic.
  • Full support and training

Widgit Software Ltd

Doug Watt
01926 333 680

We have a wide range of products including apps, symbol support for: websites and learning platforms, writing activities and communication, mind maps to help organise thoughts, ideas and tasks and signage.

All our titles are supported by a 30-day money-back guarantee and free technical support.

What to look for in a supplier

All supplier members of Communication Matters subscribe to the Communication Matters Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct is not a legal document but sets the standard for good commercial practice. Customers are entitled to expect the same standard of professional integrity from suppliers who are not currently members of Communication Matters.

The British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA)

The British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA), founded in 1917, is the UK’s oldest and largest healthcare association. The association has almost 500 member companies employing over 17,000 people who make or sell healthcare and assistive technology products that help people live more independently.

Members are organised by “sectors” that cover the range or products they make and/or supply, such as wheelchairs, stairlifts, prosthetics etc. One of these sectors is AAC and several suppliers, who are members of Communication Matters, are also members of the BHTA.

BHTA Code of Practice

What makes the membership of the BHTA different to that of Communication Matters is the BHTA Code of Practice, which is the only one in the healthcare sector overseen by the Trading Standards Institute (TSI) and is therefore binding on the member companies. All BHTA members sign up to the Code, demonstrating their commitment to high levels of customer care that go above and beyond their legal obligations, leading to customer confidence.

Because of the Code of Practice, the BHTA operates an independent complaints procedure which means that customers, buying from a BHTA member who have a problem that cannot be resolved directly with the supplier, can contact the BHTA who will act as arbitrator.

To find out whether an AAC supplier is a member of BHTA or not either check on the list of member companies on the BHTA website ( or the suppliers own website.

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