EyeTracking Reports for AAC




    • Hector Minto (Tobii-DynaVox)


Eyegaze has been a revelation in the world of AAC as a method of access. Thousands of AAC users worldwide have discovered a direct access method despite severe physical disability. Tobii Technology have been at the forefront of this development.

Eyetracking utilises the same hardware as eyegaze. However, rather than a functional tool for the user, it becomes a user analysis tool for the SLT, teacher, parent or educational psychologist. Until now there has not been a tool for professionals to record cognitive ability and visual attention. In this session, the science of eyetracking will be explained in depth, including the medical rationale behind it.

The new tool, Tobii Gaze Viewer, will be demonstrated and case studies presented for severe head injury, stroke (aphasia), cortical visual impairment, autism, and Rett Syndrome.

Specific to AAC assessment, the session will also include how to get the most out of AAC through eyetracking heatmaps. Discover which vocabulary items are used the most, where the user gets the highest accuracy and discover areas of visual neglect. Could eyetracking be used to design more efficient personalised AAC systems?

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