Mobile Applications to Support Communication and Leisure Pursuits for Patients with Acquired Brain Injury




    • Marie Cox (National Rehabilitation Hospital Dublin)
    • Kevin Doherty (Trinity College Dublin)


To outline the development of a suite of apps to support communication and leisure pursuits for people with acquired brain injury. Key features of the apps will be presented and their use highlighted via case study.


A gap was identified in the current market for simple, accessible and and age-appropriate apps that would enable adults with a variety of physical, sensory, cognitive and communication impairments due to acquired brain injury to use tablet computers for basic communication and leisure purposes. A suite of accessible and customisable apps encompassing the following was developed: Yes/No app; radio; photo album; and a YouTube playlists app.


Therapist and patient involvement in the development of the apps ensured that ease of set-up and customisation were to the forefront in the development process. Case studies will be used to demonstrate the use and functionality of the apps.


Use of the suite of apps with patients with physical and/or cognitive impairment has shown the benefits of integrating mainstream technology into the assessment and treatment process of this group. Integration of such technology into the management of patients with acquired brain injury is in line with best practice.

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