From time to time, Communication Matters offers small grants of up to £200 to applicants resident in the UK. Grants are not always for the full amount asked and will be considered on a case by case basis. Anyone who is a member (or about to become a member) of CM is able to make an application. You can apply at any time of year while funding lasts.

If you are interested in applying for a small grant

please send a letter or email to outlining the following details:

  • What is the grant for?

  • How and when will the grant be used?

  • How much is being asked for (up to a maximum of £200).

    In many cases a small grant will not cover all of the costs, so also tell us what you think your total costs will be.

  • How will it help?

If you are successful in receiving a small grant, we would ask you to provide a short report for the CM journal (perhaps including a photo) to describe how the grant has helped.

What would be considered?

Trustees would look favourably on grants that support the use of all forms of communication for users, families or professionals. Some examples of what could be considered:

  • Supporting an AAC user event

  • Helping to fund play equipment for children with communication difficulties

    a toy library for example

  • Supporting a pilot for a mini research project

  • Someone wanting to attend a course to support the use of communication via AAC with a family member or friend

    we might ask that you have tried other sources of funding before approaching CM

  • Part funding costs to support an AAC event or project in a country where AAC is less well developed than in the UK

If you have an unusual or creative idea around AAC that needs support, we would love to hear about it.

What would be a less successful application?

There are areas where the trustees would be less likely to support a small grant. For example:

  • Where other forms of funding are (or should be) available

  • To part fund the cost of the Communication Matters conference places

    we already offer subsidised places in this area

  • Funding for or associated with a Communication Aid

    we might ask that you have tried other sources of funding before approaching CM

  • Supporting professional course or conference costs

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