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IRISBOND is a pioneer in assistive technology and eye-tracking technology.  IRISBOND solutions are based on years of R&D and software algorithms that rely on artificial intelligence to capture eye movements and translate them into precise instructions to interact within screens or machines or devices. Users can access information in a natural, intuitive way without using their hands, creating a new way of interacting through eye tracking and movement technology.

We have developed our own devices, SDK’s for developers and partnered with companies such as Samsung, Microsoft, Apple, or institutions such as MIT. And we have achieved huge awards on the way.

Solution, Innovation and Impact

IRISBOND provides a new and intuitive way for humans to interact with our world based on precision eye-tracking technology. From assistive technology to early diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases.

IRISBOND’s eye-tracking device Hiru received the Made for iPad certification from Apple and now is the first multi-platform eye-tracking device that works seamlessly with iPad devices running iPadOS 17, in addition to Windows.

Hiru’s advanced AI-based software algorithms, combined with state-of-the-art hardware, capture eye movements and translate them into precise actions on iPadOS, giving users with physical and motor disabilities the option to use eye-tracking on iPadOS for communication, learning, work, and multimedia apps such as YouTube and Spotify.

The initiation process is intuitive and fast, with Hiru calibrating the user’s eye in just a few seconds. Hiru’s hardware ensures a seamless experience for the user, combining high-performance chip technology with ease of use.

Based on success in the European market, IRISBOND is expanding operations into the United States. IRISBOND distributes its products through distributors to 36 countries in Europe, South America, and North America.

Products/services include:

  • Hiru, the first multiplatform eye-tracker in the world, works in Windows and iPadOS, indistinguishably. You can learn more about Hiru in the following page.
  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices
  • Accessibility tools for eye gaze in iPad
  • Computer access  in Windows and iPadOS
  • Environmental control

Member of Communication Matters: ISAAC

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