CandLE Ltd

CandLE AAC supply services and products to support AAC users with literacy, accessing the curriculum and exam access.

Services include:

  • Free initial consultation and advice
  • 1:1 assessments
  • On-going support for students in school and at home (through home education programmes) lead by specialist AAC teachers, teaching assistants and resource developers. This also includes on-going training and advice services to schools and parents.
  • Whole school AAC and literacy support.
  • The CandLE literacy programme from early emergent level through to conventional literacy. This is supported by the ‘literacy for all’ programme which is a series of low-tech and high-tech literacy resources produced by CandLE.
  • On-going high-tech and low-tech resource development services, adapting the curriculum using AAC software.
  • A wide range of training packages from 1 hour sessions to on-going training support for schools and families.
  • Accredited providers of the AAC City and Guilds qualification– a qualification on the students use of AAC.
  • Future qualifications in development include: Bridge to English, Bridge to Maths, Independent Living Skills through Instruction and Technology, Personal Project and World Knowledge (all coming soon!)
  • CandLE speech and language therapist available for support and assessment.

(All services can be tailored to suit the needs of each individual student, school or family.)

Products include:

  • Accessible books in Grid 3 with a library of 300+ books for every level of reader.
  • Phonics for All – available in Grid 3 and Mind Express.
  • Leap to Literacy – available in Grid 3.
  • Customised low-tech communication book.
  • A range of low-tech literacy resources including the CandLE alternative pencil.

Member of Communication Matters:

Address: Suite 105, Ulverston Business Centre, 25 New Market Street, Ulverston LA12 7LQ
Contact: Tam Stanton / Katie Stanton
Tel: 01229 585173
Email: [email protected]