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How to subscribe

Follow these instructions to subscribe to the AAC Forum so you can receive by email the messages posted to the group, or post messages to the group by email, or read previous posts on a web page:

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Guidelines for Posting in the AAC Forum

  • The purpose of this email group is for people to share experiences and information about Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). The views and opinions expressed are those of individuals and do not represent the views of Communication Matters.
  • This email group must not be used for advertising or promoting goods or services.
  • * Commercial Interests *  If you are responding to a question/request and you are a supplier or have commercial interests, you must preface each of your posts with the words ‘Commercial Interests Declared’.

Although this group is not actively moderated, Communication Matters reserves the right to remove messages and members considered offensive, libellous, or not following the above guidelines.

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