Communication Matters’ own research projects are described on this page.
For our research policy and information for researchers, see the section on our Research Policy. Information about AAC Research in the UK can be found here.

AAC Evidence Base Research

This groundbreaking project provides fundamental information about the need for, and provision of, AAC which can be used to improve services across the UK.

The AACknowledge online AAC evidence base presents information in a variety of accessible formats to help professionals to improve their services and empower individuals to say what they need.

Communication Matters has established a Research Involvement Network that will promote the involvement of AAC users in research. Also, a single case study template was developed as part of the AAC Evidence Base project to support the collection of consistent and relevant case data. Follow the links below for more information.

Research Policy

Promoting Research

Communication Matters is committed to the advance of research in the AAC field and in particular research that:

  • promotes understanding of the need for provision of AAC and ongoing support services
  • improves the quality of life for individuals and groups of individuals by understanding their needs
  • influences local and national policy and practice and leading to better services and interventions for AAC users
  • promotes community learning and creates opportunities for AAC users and their families.


Communication Matters may undertake research independently or in collaboration with universities and the wider research community. To this end we welcome approaches from research establishments, individual researchers and private companies who are seeking to work collaboratively on some or all aspects of a study. This may range from asking for guidance on approach to the AAC population, active collaboration or dissemination only.

Approaches for collaboration are first seen by the Communication Matters Independent Research Panel (IRP) and subsequently the Board of Trustees. Researchers wishing to collaborate with Communication Matters should, in the first instance, contact

Information for Researchers

Would you like help in finding participants for research into AAC? Please download and read our guidelines for researchers with an application form.

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