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Issue Articles and Authors
Apr 2003
Vol 17(1)


  • ICU-Talk: An AAC Device for Intubated Patients in Intensive Care (F MacAulay et al.)
  • Introducing a Lightwriter Communication Aid (Catherine Harris)
  • Switching to Communication (Tony Jones & Martyn Maltby)
  • The CM Achievement Awards 2002 (Jessica Herbert, Laura Bird & Ben Gillard)
Nov 2002
Vol 16(3)


  • Combining Literacy and Communication for Pupils who use AAC (Debi Taylor and Jeannie Eames)
  • Dynamic Minspeak! (Judy Robertson)
  • Employed, Self-Employed or Un-Employed? (Alan Martin)
  • Interactive Storytelling and AAC with People with High Support Needs (Alice Gallimore, Marie Savill and Keith Park)
  • My Experience as an AAC Role-Model for the 1Voice Family Weekend 2001 (Amanda Creely)
  • The CM Achievement Awards 2002
  • The Secret Diary of an AAC User (Karl Parrish)
Aug 2002
Vol 16(2)


  • AAC for All (Rachel Lanz, Beryl Jacobs & Chris Baker)
  • AAC for Fun: The Games Zone & Story Boxes (Linda Rees)
  • Care in the Community: A Personal Perspective (Scott Barbour)
  • Environmental Control for Communication Aid Users (Colin Geggie & Sue Clark)
  • Into Sally's Drawers (Sally Conner)
  • Language of the Dance (Alan Martin)
  • Parent, Family and Carer Involvement in Speech and Language Therapy in Three Schools for Students with Severe Learning Difficulties (Heather Hallett, Kay Hemming & Catherine Scottow)
  • Technology Has Changed My Life (Dawn Seals)
  • Treloar School 32 Location Minspeak Application Program (Pam Stevenson and Annika Junghanns)