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Communication Matters Journal

Communication Matters JournalThe Communication Matters Journal offers a multidisciplinary perspective of AAC, and is published three times a year in the UK. Members of Communication Matters automatically receive the journal.

The Journal is usually 36 or 40 pages long and contains a collection of articles written by AAC users, parents, and experienced AAC practitioners – teachers, therapists, engineers, researchers and others – mostly from the UK. There are usually about eight major articles (each about two to four pages long) in each issue. The articles are on a mixture of different topics, including both low and high tech AAC, and AAC use by children and/or adults. Articles written by AAC users and parents/families are actively welcomed. As much as possible, articles are accompanied by photos, tables, graphs, symbols and other illustrations.

Back issues

You can find back issues of the Communication Matters Journal here.


If you live in the UK, you get the Journal by becoming a member of Communication Matters.

If you live outside the UK, you can subscribe to the Journal by contacting the ISAAC Chapter in your country and paying in your local currency. If your country doesn’t yet have an ISAAC Chapter, you can get the Journal by contacting ISAAC International and paying in Canadian Dollars.

Guidelines for the Submission of Articles for the CM Journal

To be acceptable for publication, articles for Communication Matters should:

  • be in Microsoft Word format;
  • be no longer than 2,000 words including references and appendices (shorter is fine) plus photos/graphics (provide as separate file in jpg or tif format);
  • be written in straightforward language; although the topic and content may be quite specialist and some professional terminology may be inevitable, the overall style of the journal aims to be inclusive and plain English is welcomed. Articles should be written in a direct and accessible style with inclusion of photos and pictures, tables and figures (preferably in good quality format jpg for photos).
  • contain no more than about 10 references (unless the article is a literature review, specifically) and none that are not referred to in the text;
  • aim to provide information, argument or evidence to support a specific proposition (but not necessarily academic research evidence);
  • tell a unique story, report on a personal/clinical experience, or add new information or a new insight. Reviews and critiques may be accepted e.g. on books and products at the editors' discretion.

To get a better impression of what a 'CM article' is like, authors should read back copies of the CM Journal; if you don't have printed copies, you can download back issues from:

Communication Matters will not reprint articles already published elsewhere unless the author first obtains and encloses with their submission formal written permission to reprint from the original publisher or (and) makes substantial alterations, modifications and updates to the original.

If you require any further information, please email