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AAC Journal

AAC JournalAAC is the official Journal of ISAAC, the International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication. It is published quarterly (March, June, September, December) and includes original articles with direct application to people with complex communication needs for whom augmentative and alternative communication techniques and systems may be appropriate.

The journal provides an important forum for AAC that brings together professionals who have a clinical/educational and research interest in augmentative and alternative communication, transcending disciplinary concerns; integrates theory, technology, and systems development for the assessment, treatment, rehabilitation, and education of people who use augmentative and alternative systems; provides practical and specific information to practicing professionals dealing with people who use or have the potential to use augmentative and alternative systems.

AAC publishes research and synthesis articles, forum notes, case studies, and research, technical, and intervention notes, as well as articles related to ISAAC governance and reviews of the literature. The broad range of topics explored in the journal reflects the development of this field internationally. It is published quarterly: ISSN Print 0743-4618; ISSN Online 1477-3848. Further details about the journal are on ISAAC's AAC web page. The subscription cost to Communication Matters members is on our current membership form.

Selection of articles for free access

ISAAC, the editors of AAC, and its publisher Informa have kindly provided Communication Matters members with direct and free access to a selection of AAC articles: see our Free Articles page.