Sheffield Communication Aids Service

Sheffield Speech and Language Therapy Service, Flockton House, 18-20 Union Road
S11 9EF
Tel: 0114 226 2333
Fax: 0114 226 2332
Contact:  Nicola Hayton (adults)
Email: [email protected]


Area covered

Population served
2yrs upwards – no upper limit

Adults: Dec 2008-Dec 2009, 30 referrals; 15 ongoing.
Children: Apr 2008-Mar 2009, 26 referrals; 18 ongoing.

Services provided
– Assessment
– Loan
– Provision
– Ongoing support
– Training
– Research

– Clinical lead Speech & Language Therapists: Child 18.75hrs, Adult 18.75hrs
– AAC Speech and Language Therapy Assistants: Child approx 33hrs, Adult 18.75hrs
– Some child physio/OT time (not defined)
– Some ongoing support from contact SLTs
– Equipment management by Sheffield Community Equipment Loan Service and, for mainstream children, Sheffield Inclusion Loan Service

Funded by
– NHS for SLT and SCELS staff; also for Clinical Engineering support (from SLT budget)
– Equipment is joint funded by NHS & Social Services
– Sheffield Inclusion Loan Service (management and technician plus funding) funded by Sheffield Children and Young People’s Department, Education and Social Services (government funding for inclusion)
– Long term aids, particularly adults: charity funded

Permanent or project

Year set up
1985 approx

Referral process
Through clients’ contact SLT.