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Training and Keeping Up-to-date

The world of AAC is constantly changing, with new software and technology, new strategies, new evidence about use of AAC, and new social and political developments. There are many ways to keep up to date with developments from various sources.

Communication Matters

See Diary of courses and events

Other sources of information

  • AAC Community of Practice
  • Suppliers may provide free training days for general information about their equipment and free seminars around specific aspects of their equipment. AAC Centres may provide day courses on specific aspects of AAC. Independent providers may provide day courses (at a cost). Subscribe to the Communication Matters E-News for the latest information about such events. You can see some examples of what is offered on this Training List.

Continuing Professional Development

Training courses are sometimes offered by universities on AAC topics. To get the latest information about such courses subscribe to our E-News monthly newsletter.