Engaging Local Commissioners in Establishing and Developing AAC Services



Practice Report

  • Anna Reeves (ACE Centre)
  • Martin Fisher (ACE Centre)


To inform on how ACE Centre, as an NHS England specialised AAC service, is supporting local teams with information and training to jointly deliver an effective, holistic and funded service.


ACE Centre has been engaging local commissioners in order to raise awareness of the new NHS England specialised AAC commissioning arrangements and to highlight the need for jointly commissioned local AAC services and provision. In addition, training materials are being developed in order to support the assessment knowledge and skills of local AAC professionals and services


There is considerable variability in the range of local AAC expertise, capacity and provision across the specialised commissioning regions that ACE Centre has been commissioned by NHS England to deliver specialised AAC services. The timely implementation of SEND Reforms has assisted in the engagement of local commissioners as the need to establish and develop local AAC service provision coincides with the expectation on commisisoners to implement joint commissioning arrangements


Equitable access to AAC provision is improving and opportunities now exist to articulate the level of need for AAC and the impact it is having as access to national data improves, models of service provision are being shared and cooperation and collaboration between services, suppliers, commissioners and people who need and use AAC is increasing.


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