Do so much more with Grid 3




    • Barney Hawes (Smartbox)


Grid 3 is here! Come and find out how our latest software raises the standard for AAC users.

  • Communicate using symbols or text. New features make AAC faster and more accurate than ever.
  • Socialise with your friends and family. Grid 3 includes fully-accessible apps for all the things you love, like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
  • Learn with our Interactive Learning resources. Grid 3 provides a pathway to take young users from cause and effect and choice making to early AAC.
  • Control your home and computer with powerful new tools that are easy to setup and use.

Barney Hawes is our Director of Software Development. He will be taking you on a tour of Grid 3, sharing new features and explaining who they have been developed for.

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Further/Higher Ed.