Clicker Communicator – a complete iPad communication aid from the makers of Clicker 6




    • Jordan Butel (Crick Software)


Crick Software produces award-winning reading, writing and communication software for children of all ages and abilities. The company’s best-known product, Clicker 6, is widely used to provide customised communication grids for pupils with little or no speech.

In this session, Jordan Butel will introduce you to Clicker Communicator, Crick’s innovative new communication aid for iPad.

  • Perfect for ‘on the fly’ content creation – set up a new Vocabulary Set in just a few minutes.
  • Use the symbols you know – SymbolStix, Widgit and Mayer-Johnson PCS are all available.
  • Support all abilities – create anything from simple communication boards for single utterances to complete Vocabulary Sets with a message area.
  • Be part of the class – communicating in schools isn’t just about wants and needs; it’s about actively participating with your peers in the classroom. The curriculum-focus of Crick’s picture library helps make this a reality.

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