Business Session – by invitation only



Closed Session

    • Denise West (Scope Victoria, Australia)
    • Brett Reynolds (Scope Victoria, Australia)
    • Barbara Solarsh (Scope Victoria, Australia)


This is a session by invitation only, to share the Communication Access project with Business Contacts from the Leeds area.

Good communication is good business. If your business or service is communication accessible it will attract more customers and visitors. The Communication Access assessment tool was developed in Australia in conjunction with people with communication disabilities. People with communication disabilities are trained to use the tool to assess a business or service to determine if it meets the minimum standards to be awarded the Communication Access symbol.

Denise West will outline the Australian journey of the Communication Access for All project in relation to business involvement and sponsorship. She will share the project aims and outcomes and hopes to inspire local businesses to the possibility of a similar project in the UK.

Additional resources can be downloaded from the Scope website. These can be found on

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