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DVD and Video (downloads)

#Roar4CM - a short video produced by Communication Matters (released September 2017), celebrates and promotes communication in all its forms, can be viewed on our website homepage or on YouTube.

The Power of Communication DVD has been produced by Communication Matters to provide an introductory presentation on Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC).

The film (running time 9 minutes) delivers a powerful message that communication really does matter. The DVD celebrates and promotes communication in all its forms – central to the values of Communication Matters.

We hope this DVD will be of general interest and in particular to service managers and purchasers who have responsibility for AAC services, but who have little or no experience of working with people who communicate using AAC. It aims to provide a starting point for more informed decisionmaking on AAC service delivery and planning.

You capreview the film on YouTube

The Power of Communication DVD

Think Ability before Disability

As part of ISAAC AAC Awareness Month (October 2015) we released two short videos, the result of an A level media project. Thank you to Charlotte Bruce and her family and friends for donating this project to Communication Matters.

You can view the videos on YouTube, Video 1 and Video 2

Lee Ridley

Comic and patron of Communication Matters, Lee Ridley supporting us supporting ‪AAC Awareness‬ Month! Communication Matters because...

View the short clip on YouTube