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About Assessments

Assessment routes vary depending on the person's age, and where they live. In general the first step is to contact a local Speech and Language Therapist. 

Children and young people may start the assessment process through school services. The local service may refer on to a specialist Assessment service who can assess, advise and make recommendations.

Assessment services will be able to advise about funding. A thorough assessment is necessary before requesting funding from health or education services. NHS England have a system for the provision of communication aids. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have their own systems.

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Requests for equipment only from specialised AAC services in England

There will be some instances where it won't be necessary for commissioned Specialised AAC services in England to undertake an assessment of an individual and funding may be sought for equipment provision only, for example:

  • individuals who are competent and experienced in the use of a communication aid, but whose existing equipment is malfunctioning frequently or has ceased to work
  • referrals from local AAC services and professionals with a significant level of AAC expertise and competency

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