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Uni-tech: Future technology for hand-held communication

  • David Weatherburn (Ability World Ltd)

Uni-tech is an incredibly flexible, simple-to-use, low cost, hand-held communication and learning support system, comprising a Voice Pen (which reads sounds off paper, e.g. for communication, motivation or learning support) and software (which enables you to 'print' sounds onto paper, e.g. communication boards and teaching resources). These sounds can be a spoken word (in any language), music or whatever sound you wish. Then touch the paper with the V Pen to speak to friends and family, or to hear other sounds.

When used with one of our pre-printed core-vocabulary V Boards (using either symbols, whole-word selection or spelling), the V Pen is a powerful and relatively inexpensive (£599+VAT) out-of-the-box voice output communication aid. This 'pen and paper' approach to communication has huge advantages for simplicity, portability, support, flexibility and cost, and can be used by anyone who can hold the V Pen and has reasonable hand control. 

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