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Across the Board: An extraordinary community AAC support

Personal Experience
  • Jason Tutin

Kate W., like many parents of children with communication needs, sought access to symbols to assist her son's communication needs. Her son's therapists provided her with resources but Kate found she needed more resources and the therapists couldn't keep up with the demand. The expense of purchasing software was a burden, so she turned to her local library. Recognising that Kate was not alone, the library began an initiative to provide symbol software locally.

As well as providing software, the library created a community of support with librarians, speech therapists, autism organisations, teachers and others involved in the need for symbols. While this program began as a support for children with autism, it has now expanded to provide AAC support for people working with individuals living with dementia. This session will outline the partnerships that have been developed to create this extraordinary support, enabling others to develop a similar resource.