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The Challenges of Providing AAC Solutions for People who have Communication Difficulties Following a Stroke: A discussion forum

  • Judith de Ste Croix
  • Sarah Woodward

An opportunity for people working with clients with aphasia to discuss, with each other and the panel, the challenges of working with this client group – and to propose possible solutions for one another.

The facilitators, who all work in a specialist communication aid assessment centre, will present some short case histories to illustrate the difficulties of working with this client group for the purpose of getting the discussion going. Participants will then be invited to share cases that they have had difficulty finding solutions for. Discussion points may be around difficulties with:

  • Literacy or other linguistic difficulties
  • Environment, communication partners and support
  • Technical issues with equipment
  • Funding of equipment
  • Any other issues that people experience when working with this client group.
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