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Raising Awareness of AAC in My Everyday Life

Personal experience
  • Scott Stack

I plan for my presentation to explore raising awareness of AAC and how in my everyday life I do this myself. My presentation promotes the fact that the individual AAC user needs to raise awareness as they have first hand experience and the impact will be much more effective.

I live in a small residential home which consists of just myself and 2 other residents, we have carers 24 hours a day and are involved in the daily running of the house. We live in a town and visit the shops, cafes, pubs, local events regularly. I order my drinks myself, I choose what it is I want to purchase, and most importantly I direct my care staff so that I do what I want.

I have taken part in a few projects this year and I plan to involve them in my presentation. I will also be attending the SW 1Voice event in May this year. 

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All Ages
Topic of interest to people who use AAC