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Learning to Take Responsibility for Your Life

  • Anthony Robertson (Chatting Independently)
  • David Morris

Experience of the world for many people with a physical and/or learning disability can be very limited. Such a group of people can be over-protected by families, and even in residential care or at school or college their lives are often regimented. There is very little or no scope for making their own decisions, being free of the control of others or taking any responsibility for much of their lives.

Our vision at Chatting Independently is that after our residents have received one-to-one support from staff and taken advantage of our therapeutic approach to independent living, they will be free from the control of others, being able to make their own decisions and take the responsibility for those decisions. Facilitators help residents to make decisions about their daily lives concerning their medical well-being. For the residents, the burden of taking responsibility for their own lives is theirs, even when it goes wrong! 

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