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Speaks4me: Effective benefits to "speaking and learning through pictures" using the principles of drag & drop

  • Stephen Lodge (Speaks4me Ltd)

Speaks4me was designed and developed by Stephen Lodge, an IT professional of 20+ years and a devoted parent of a child with severe autism who has been completely non-verbal for 11+ years. Speaks4me is unique and highly-innovative in the augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) technologies and application marketplace, with its use of integrated picture symbol exchange supporting many well-recognised, vendor image sets in conjunction with the principles of "drag and drop" to promote intentional communication and learning.

In this session, we discuss key benefits and differences of our Speaks4me approach based on effective feedback from parents/professionals, customer's testimonials and our own experiences. Our simple, innovative drag-and-drop approach, combined with a range of supported input access methods, empowers Speaks4me users to create expressive single word or multi-phrase sentences to engage with family, friends, teachers, carers, and so on. Speaks4me is quick and simple to set-up and can be easily extended or personalised by importing digital photographs, picture-symbols or images. 

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