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What Do Users Really Want from Communication Aids? Results of a research project

Research Stream
  • Simon Judge
  • Gill Townend

Funded through the 'Devices for Dignity' programme, this small-scale AAC research project was established to investigate the factors which users identify as being important to them in their use of voice output communication aids (VOCAs). In addition to exploring perceptions of communication aid design the project also aimed to identify areas for improvement, future research and development in the design of communication aids.

The first stage of the project involved interviewing communication aid users in South Yorkshire (n=18). The responses from the interviewees were then used as a basis for the second stage, a national questionnaire to professionals (n=68) and users (n=37).

This paper presents an overview of the results of the project, i.e. answering the question "What do users really think of communication aids?". These results have come from in-depth analysis of the interview and questionnaire data.

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