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Designing Communication Boards and Books with Core Vocabularies and Uni-Tech

  • Judy King
  • Prof Kuo-Ping Yang
  • Chih-Kang Yang
  • Tony Jones

There is increasing research data showing that when we speak or write, we use certain words more than others. These words are the same irrespective of age, profession, time of day, or the subject of conversation. In the Oxford English Corpus of over one billion words, just 10 lemmas (root concepts) account for 25% of the total vocabulary and 100 account for 50%! Comparing this corpus to other research, we find that the same thing is happening in each list.

The unusual aspect of the most frequently spoken and written vocabulary is that it contains very few nouns. Generally, only two nouns fall in the top 100 words: 'time' and 'people'. Typically, Augmentative Communication Boards comprise a greater proportion of nouns than would be suggested by evidence-based research. This paper attempts to develop new styles of communication boards and will demonstrate how a Uni-Tech approach might bring life to such systems. 

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