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Demonstration of Two New Devices Available from the Tellus Range of Products

  • Ian Foulger (Techcess Ltd)
  • Bart Noë

Ian Foulger and Bart Noë will be discussing and demonstrating two new devices available from the Tellus range of products.

  • Tellus 4. The Tellus 4 has a large 13.3" widescreen display. It has an integrated headtracker, integrated hot-swappable batteries, and integrated 3G wireless connection that allows internet access almost anywhere in the country. By adding the new EyeTech TM4 to the Tellus 4 it can also be accessed with eye-gaze. The EyeTech TM4 can also be used separately with any computer and so makes it much cheaper than integrated eye-gaze systems.
  • Zingui. Big but not heavy, that's the Zingui. It has a bright 8.4" touch screen that automatically adjusts it's brightness to ambient. It weighs only 1.08Kg. The Zingui comes in two versions: the basic version with digitized (up to 5 hours recorded) speech only and the Plus version with both digitized speech and text-to-speech (synthesized). 
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