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Means, Opportunities, Reasons and Expectations (MORE): Exploring ways to enhance the communication of children with autism and severe intellectual impairment

  • Anne Emerson
  • Jackie Dearden

We report on some clinical practice, part of an action research project, with three children with autism and communication impairment. The overall aim of the project was to increase the children's means of communication by teaching them to point, in order to access pictures, symbols and words. Baseline measures also examined their opportunities and reasons to communicate. The children were 12 at the start of the project, which is currently in its second year, and progress with 2 of the children has been slow. The other child immediately demonstrated unexpected literacy skills and a desire to point at pictures and words to show understanding of complex language.

The overall objective of the presentation is to demonstrate the efficacy of a particular approach to increasing use of AAC, which we have called MORE: means, opportunities, reasons and expectations. 

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