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Goal Attainment Scaling in Assistive Technology: Theory, practical tips and ideas for the future

  • Gary Derwent

Outcome measures are increasingly required in clinical practice but can be time-consuming for clinicians and may have little perceived relevance for clients and families. Goal-setting can be used as a form of outcome measurement, as well as serving many other functions. Because goals have multiple purposes, they can be easier to fit into normal clinical practice than standardised outcome measures.

Goal Attainment Scaling is a form of goal-setting specifically aimed at outcome measurement. However, both traditional goal-setting and goal attainment scaling can be criticised as outcome measures. This presentation will examine the theoretical background of goal-setting and goal-attainment scaling and their use as outcome measures; present some practical ideas to support implementation of these techniques; and report on some ongoing research to develop software solutions to support clinical teams in goal-setting and goal-attainment scaling in electronic assistive technology. 

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