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Find A Voice - Supporting Communication Needs in Kent: A service overview

  • Liz Collins

Find A Voice is a registered charity based in Ashford, Kent. The organisation operates a unique collaborative service supporting professionals in the field of Speech, Language and Communication by providing free loan of resources ranging from simple switch access rewards through to high-tech AAC devices.

We operate an outreach service throughout Kent, running drop-in sessions at a variety of venues to enable clients to access the service at a local venue, at which professional support is usually available. In addition to this the charity has also successfully advocated for individuals to gain funding for AAC devices and provides informational seminars to professionals in all fields of social care.

In this session, I will give an overview of how the service operates and the benefits to professionals and their clients. I will also suggest how this model may be a basis for assistance to users in other geographical areas. 

Download Handout (PDF 700KB)