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Three Men and a Lady Write a Book

Personal experience
  • Ian Berkery
  • Georgina Fanning
  • Michael McGealy
  • David Smyth

We are a group of adult users of augmentative and alternative communication; three men and a lady. We call our group Future People For Good. Three of us use communication boards to communicate and two of us use a voice output communication aid. We come together once a fortnight in an interactive forum facilitated by two speech and language therapists.

Last October we decided to write a book. To make the task less daunting we decided our first book would be for the reception class in the centre which we attend. Given the time of year, the topic chosen for the book was Christmas. The process of writing the book was slow as it took time for each of us to put forward ideas and for the others to respond. This video (15-20 mins approx) will describe our book and the process of putting it together and of performing it for the reception class. 

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Topic of interest to people who use AAC