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Telling Stories: A pilot study investigating the key features of AAC users’ narrative interaction

Research Stream
  • Pippa Bailey
  • Karen Bunning

Story-telling is widely recognised as being important to language development (Liboiron & Soto, 2006). However, children who use an electronic aid for communication do not always have the same opportunities to develop their story-telling as other children (Waller & O'Mara, 2003). The 'Telling Stories' project is an investigation of story-telling interactions between children who use AAC and their teaching staff. It aims to explore the communicative role of each interlocutor in both fictional and personal story-telling interactions.

Data collection involves video capture of a number of dyads comprising one aided speaker and one familiar natural speaker during two story-telling tasks. Three measures are looked at: modality of communication, type-token ratio, and coding of linguistic moves. This paper presents the findings from a single case pilot study. A critique of the methodology is reported and refinements to the protocol to be used in the main study are reported 

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