Voice Aid

Voice Aid provides a unique portable amplifier kit for anyone who needs to amplify their voice when speaking and avoid straining their voice when speaking over a prolonged period. Nearly twice as powerful as conventional portable voice amplifiers, the Voice Aid amplifier offers 18 watts RMS and the kit includes a slim-line headphone and lapel microphone. This means sound quality is enhanced all the more for not being operated at full volume.

Voice Aid also offers an adjustable throat microphone and unique hypoallergenic adhesive pad throat microphone. Both microphone options offer high performance as well as out of sight and ease of use.

Voiceaid has a starter pack for speech therapists and professionals, which comprises voice amplifier kit, throat microphone, and adhesive pad throat microphone kit, for just £36 + £3 carriage (plus VAT). This enables every clinic or independent speech therapist to have a full kit to hand for trialling with patients.

All Voice Aid products are offered at subsidised NHS prices.

Products/services include:

  • Voice Aid 18W portable voice amplifier
  • Headset, throat and adhesive pad throat microphones
  • Professional starter packs
  • Full support and training

Member of Communication Matters: Organisational

Address: Unex Designs Ltd. (Voiceaid), Woodland Business Park, Torquay TQ2 7AT
Contact: Martyn Barklett-Judge
Tel: 01803 612772
Email: info@voiceaid.net
Website: http://www.voiceaid.net