Dad In A Shed

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Contact: Steve Smith
Tel: 01933 673 806
19 Roche Way


Dad In A Shed is the newest developer and supplier of equipment and software for people in the AAC and SEN Markets. We specialise in taking mainstream technology and repurposing it for the markets, ensuring low prices can be guaranteed. We supply iPad bundles for communication, along with many accessibility accessories for the iPads, such as our own adapted styli, switch boxes, a range of switches, cases and mounts. We have also developed our own eye gaze bundle, capable of allowing access to windows, home automation and infra-red control. Dad In A Shed is also a reseller for many of the software and hardware items in the industry, and can provide training and assessments where required.

Products/Services include:

  • iPad Bundles, Switch Access for iPads, Proloquo2go, Proloquo4Text, Predictable
  • Eye Gaze Bundles, Eye Gaze Trackers
  • Training, Assessment

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