Suppliers demonstrate, supply and customise communication aids – some offer trials or loans of equipment. They also deliver training on using devices.

Please note that CM cannot recommend a particular supplier as everyone’s needs are different. We do not endorse any material on a supplier’s website or social media.

Abilia Ltd

Address: Abilia Ltd, Unit 12, Buckingway Business Park, Anderson Road, Swavesey, Cambridge CB24 4AE
Tel: 01954 281 210

Abilia gives people the power to become independent and take control of their daily lives. Based on more than 40 years of experience and supported by research evidence, we know that our assistive technology helps people to have structure over their day, communicate, control appliances in their home and call for attention. We believe that everyone should have the same opportunities to participate in society on their own terms, and are passionate about enabling people access to a more fulfilling life.

Products/services include:

  • Communication solutions
  • Environmental control solutions
  • Cognition solutions
  • Products – Lightwriter, Gewa Control Omni, Micro Voice Amp, Emfit, Intelligaze, Rolltalk NOVA, MEMOdayplanner, Handi, Big Jack, and more

Member of Communication Matters: ISAAC Corporate

Ability World Ltd

Address: 43 Svenskaby, Orton Wistow, Peterborough PE2 6YZ
Contact: David Weatherburn
Tel: 0345 47 47 245

Ability World is a leading supplier of exceptional value low-mid tech communication aids, access switches and other assistive technology. We also manufacture a very wide range of communication and choice boards, communication books and folders, switch mounts and other learning resources.

Products/services include:

Communication/choice boards, communication books and folders, switch mounts and other learning resources:

  • Tri-fold communication/choice/literacy boards – our popular Abilityboards are used in schools, colleges, care homes and many other situations, for communication, choice and learning support. Made in Britain to a high quality standard, they are available in A4, A3 and A2 (landscape and portrait) sizes.
  • Communication/choice books and folders – available in A5+, A4+ or A3 sizes, with a wide range of solid colour or patterned outer covers and from 2 to 14 Velcro-friendly pages.
  • Portable communication books/fabric schedules/waist communicators – also available in different styles, with solid colour or patterned outer covers.
  • Communication easel – lightweight yet robust A4 and A3 size desktop ringbinder easels, with grip feet to prevent slipping and carry handles for easy portability.
  • TechPad, Wedge and Wedge Variable-angle switch mounts.

Communication aids, access switches and other assistive technology:

  • Full range of AbleNet single and multi-message communication aids (BIGmack, iTalk2, etc)
  • GoTalks, Megabee and Frenchay alphabet boards
  • Range of other low-tech AAC devices at highly competitive prices
  • Ablenet, Unlimiter and the SimplyWorks range of switches
  • Switch-adapted toys and gadgets, mounting systems, gripping aids, time planning aids and many other items

Member of Communication Matters: Organisational


Address: 1-1-1 Umezono, Tsukuba, Japan 305-8560
Tel: +81 29 861 5491

The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), one of the largest public research organizations in Japan, focuses on the creation and practical realisation of technologies useful to Japanese industry and society, and on “bridging” the gap between innovative technological seeds and commercialization.

Products/services include:

Augmentative and Alternative Gesture Interface (AAGI) is a multi-gesture interface that can extend the user’s capabilities selectively.

  • Suitable for people with motor dysfunction who cannot use a standard interface
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Analyses and categorises a wide variety of gestures
  • Free software can be downloaded from the website

Member of Communication Matters: ISAAC Corporate

Assistive Control Ltd

Address: Bruff Business Centre, Suckley, Worcester WR6 5DR
Contact: Kate Browne
Tel: 01886 884 188

Assistive Control develops AT products for users with a wide range of disabilities, providing easy to use, straightforward solutions to access text and symbols based communication packages, as well as access to music, photos, DVDs and home controls.

Products/services include:

Typeassist and Typeassist +

  • New and updated typing and communication apps
  • Available for the iPad and also as a software download
  • Typeassist has 16 large touchscreen keys, using intelligent word prediction to provide a simple and effective typing system with speech output
  • Typeassist + offers an enhanced range of options, including useful editing features, recalling the most frequently used words and phrases and screen/font customising options.
  • Typeassist software is fully switch accessible. The large cells and efficient word prediction also make it ideal for use with eye gaze.


  • Developed for users who require symbols-based communication support
  • Uses a Windows tablet as the platform
  • Very simple user interface to help encourage independent access
  • We can install various symbols sets or work with the therapy team to install customised symbols
  • Ready to use straight from the box, with no programming required – we completely hide the underlying Windows software, making it straightforward to operate for the user, their family and carers

Member of Communication Matters: Organisational


Address: Laurierstraat 193, 1016 PL Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Founded in 2000, AssistiveWare® has successfully established itself as a leading innovator of assistive technology software for iOS and Mac OS X. We have more than 300,000 customers worldwide and are committed to collaborating with the global community to make a difference in people’s lives. The company’s flagship product, Proloquo2Go®, is an award-winning AAC application for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch that provides a “voice” for people who have difficulty speaking or cannot speak at all.

Products/services include:

  • Proloquo2Go
  • Proloquo4Text
  • Pictello
  • Keeble
  • Keedogo (Plus)
  • Wrise
  • Infovox iVox
  • simPODD

Member of Communication Matters: Organisational

Claro Software Ltd

Address: Lancashire House, 24 Winckley Square, Preston PR1 3JJ
Contact: Alasdair King
Tel: 01772 977 888

Claro Software is a rapidly growing, innovative software company that develops and licenses assistive software, including speech technology, image technology and touch technology. With Windows and Mac versions, mobile USB stick options and network delivered solutions, we aim to provide the best choice for the user. Our design ethos is to keep the software easy to use, and generally available in many languages.

Products/services include:

  • ClaroRead
  • ScreenRuler
  • ClaroCom app
  • ClaroPen app

Member of Communication Matters: Organisational

Crick Software Ltd

Address: Crick House, Boarden Close, Moulton Park, Northampton NN3 6LF
Contact: Jordan Butel
Tel: 01604 671 691
Fax: 01604 671 692

Crick Software produces award-winning reading and writing software for children of all ages and abilities. Its products are widely used to support pupils with dyslexia, learning difficulties, speech or language impairments, physical disabilities and other special needs.

The company’s best-known product is Clicker, which is currently used in thousands of UK primary schools. The latest version, Clicker 7 builds on the success of its predecessors and makes it easier than ever before for teachers to provide personalised literacy support across the curriculum – from planning, to writing, to proofing.

Crick has also developed an incredibly popular range of Clicker Apps, which give learners access to proven literacy tools developed specifically for iPads and Chromebooks, including Clicker Communicator, a dedicated AAC app.

DocsPlus is Crick Software’s innovative exam-friendly word-processor designed for struggling writers in secondary school and Further Education. DocsPlus’ support features include speech feedback, word prediction, subject-specific writing frames and word banks, and a mind-map creator.

Products/Services include:

  • Clicker 7
  • DocsPlus
  • Clicker Apps for iPads & Chromebooks
  • Clicker Communicator App
  • SuperKeys App

Member of Communication Matters: Organisational

Dad In A Shed

Address: 19 Roche Way, Wellingborough NN8 5YD
Steve Smith
Tel: 01933 673 806

Dad In A Shed develops and supplies equipment and software for people in the AAC and SEN markets. We specialise in repurposing mainstream technology for these markets, ensuring low prices can be guaranteed. Dad In A Shed is also a reseller for many of the software and hardware items in the industry, and can provide training and assessments where required.

Products/services include:


  • iPad bundles for communication
  • iPad accessibility accessories – our own adapted styli, switch boxes, a range of switches, cases and mounts

Eye gaze

  • Eye gaze bundle, capable of allowing access to windows, home automation and infra-red control
  • Eye gaze trackers

Other products

  • Proloquo2go
  • Proloquo4Text
  • Predictable
  • Training, assessment

Member of Communication Matters: Organisational


Address: GSPK Design Ltd, Knaresborough Technology Park, Manse Lane, Knaresborough HG5 8LF
Contact: Jack Ackroyd
Tel: 01423 798 254

Emego is a class 1 medical device that gives people with severe disabilities communication access by simply twitching their muscles. Emego uses electromyography (EMG) technology to pick up even the smallest of muscle movements. It is designed and manufactured in the UK by GSPK Design, experts in medical electronic design and manufacturing.

Designed for people with severe disabilities such as motor neurone disease (MND), Emego is enabling people to use their voice through AAC software and control their environment through EC systems.

  • Small, light design reduces muscle fatigue for users
  • Easy set-up for carers set up, thanks to the simple base station control collaboration.
  • Simply plug the base station via USB or 3.5mm audio cable to switch with any working muscle including facial, arms and legs.

Products/services include:

  • Emego assistive switch
  • Electronic medical device design
  • Electronic medical device manufacturing

Member of Communication Matters: Organisational

EyeFree Assisting Communication Ltd

Address: EyeFree Assisting Communication Ltd, 48 Menachem Begin Road, Tel Aviv, Israel 6618003
Contact: Tania Suares
Tel: +44-808-169-7171

EyeFree Assisting Technology Ltd was established January 2016, but the idea was formed long before that, when individuals with a personal connection to locked-in patients came together to create a communication solution. Today, the company aims to be a leading supplier of assistive communication devices for the locked-in community.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for locked-in patients and to advance the method of communication within medical centres by providing a wearable, screen-free and simple to use communication device.

We strive to provide products that will empower individuals to have more independence and to actively participate in their daily routine and care.

Products/services include:


  • Wearable personal communication device for locked-in patients
  • Standalone portable device using audio feedback and eye gestures
  • Immediate and around-the-clock communication
  • Head-mounted infrared camera tracks eye movements
  • Processing unit translates the movements into communication
  • Bone conduction component provides audio feedback to the user before communication is transmitted to output speaker or connected Bluetooth device
  • No screen needed

Member of Communication Matters: Organisational

Inclusive Technology Ltd

Address: Riverside Court, Huddersfield Road, Delph, Oldham OL3 5FZ
Contact: Ian Loughlin
Tel: 01457 819 790

Inclusive Technology Ltd provides assistive technology – the hardware and software that helps people with special needs to live, learn and communicate.

Inclusive Technology’s multi-award-winning online resources, HelpKidzLearn and ChooseIt! Maker 3, help develop skills for touch, switch and eye gaze users from cause and effect through to choice-making and early communication.

The award-winning The Inclusive Eye Gaze Learning Curve is a suite of three software programs designed to support eye gaze users on the learning curve from assessment and cause and effect understanding through to using eye gaze for communication, learning and leisure. The software can be used by teachers and therapists as an assessment tool to determine visual skills and potential use of eye gaze and as a progressive teaching tool that provides structure and lots of opportunities for practice at each level. Inclusive provides eye gaze hardware from MyGaze and Tobii.

Products/services include:

  • Wide range of products for iPads and other tablets; switch Interfaces, protective cases, amplification systems, mounting systems and other accessories
  • Large selection of apps for iPad and Android
  • Specialist communication handbook for speech and language professionals covering Inclusive’s range of products and advice on choosing and using a communication aid
  • Technology from international companies such as AbleNet, Pretorian, AMDi, Tobii and many others
  • myGaze assistive and eye gaze software
  • HelpKidzLearn online services (games and activities, ChooseIt! Maker 3 and Insight)
  • Switch access & switch software
  • Computer access and mounting solutions

Member of Communication Matters: Organisational

Liberator Ltd

Address: Whitegates, 25-27 High Street, Swinstead NG33 4PA
Contact: Lauren Argent
Tel: 01733 370 470 / 01733 889 799

“The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives.”  Anthony Robbins

Liberator’s philosophy is “our customer’s success is our success”. For most of us the power of speech is taken for granted but not being able to communicate verbally is usually a major obstacle in achieving full potential in educational, vocational, and personal pursuits. We believe everyone deserves a voice and we’ve made it our business to help our customers achieve their full potential by delivering assistive technology products that focus on language development and enable real, spontaneous communication to enrich lives.

We take great pride in helping our customers achieve their full potential. Our regionally based consultants have over 50 years’ combined AAC experience and our dedicated customer support team will provide you with all the help you need for product evaluation, assessment, trial and implementation. We were established in 1991 and are a member of a consortium of companies that are pioneers in AAC.

Our communication aids support a wide range of language solutions including Unity, LAMP, easyChat, The Grid 3, WordPower and text-based systems. They are highly flexible, easy to program and backed by unrivalled warranty and support packages. In addition to offering a comprehensive range of communication aids, adapted toys, learning and inclusion aids, switches, computer access, software and accessories, we feel we provide the best support within the industry.

Products/services include:

  • Liberator Rugged 7, Accent 800 / 1000 / 1400, NuEye Eyegaze and NOVA chat 5 / 8 / 10 / 12
  • Unity, easyChat, The Grid 3, WordPower, LAMP Words for Life, Essence, LLL and Wordcore
  • Low-tech communication aids, switches, adapted toys, computer access and accessories

We offer full support:

  • Training by our experienced consultants
  • Assessments and free loans of communication aids
  • Peace of mind – 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Price match promise – we will not be beaten on price
  • Total LibCare – three-year market-leading warranty, including accidental damage cover
  • Extended warranties – one to five years on a range of communication aids
  • Support – UK technical support that includes weekend cover

Member of Communication Matters: Organisational

Mounts & More Ltd

Address: 4 Willow Park, Upton Lane, Stoke Golding, Nuneaton CV13 6EU
Ian Bullock
Tel: 01455 212 777
Fax: 01455 212677

Mounts and More supplies a wide range of DAESSY wheelchair mounts, desk mounts and floor stands for communication devices, iPads, tablets and laptops, switches, cameras and more. For mounting systems we offer a supply only or supply and fitting service.

Products/services include:

  • DAESSY wheelchair mounting system – a comprehensive, robust and versatile system that provides solutions to most mounting situations for a wide range of communication devices, iPads, tablets, laptops etc
  • DAESSY rolling mount – a freestanding mount with lockable castors designed to slide under most beds. The offset base makes it particularly suitable for wheeling chairs up to the mount
  • DAESSY M-Series mounts – a lightweight, sleek and sturdy mount based on narrower tubing with smaller and lighter components. Suitable for devices up to 4.5kg. e.g. smaller communication devices, iPads, tablets, cameras etc
  • Lite Mount – the latest addition to the DAESSY range, specifically designed for lightweight devices (up to 2kg) such as iPads, tablets, switches or cameras
  • Desk mounts – a range of freestanding or fixed mounts to use communication devices, iPads etc on a desk or table.

Member of Communication Matters: Organisational

Possum Ltd

Address: 8 Farmbrough Close, Stocklake Park Industrial Estate, Aylesbury, Bucks HP20 1DQ
Contact: Elizabeth Robinson
Tel: 01296 461088 & 07734 551207

Possum develops, manufactures, supplies, installs and supports electronic assistive technology products and systems. It also assesses clients’ needs and abilities, and trains and supports them in the use of their Electronic Assistive Technology (EAT) equipment.

Possum’s mission is to harness modern technology to empower people with disabilities and increase their independence. This vision is achieved by two means: through a business, Possum Limited, and a charity, the Possum Trust.

The company is an independent, privately owned British company. It was founded in 1961 by an engineer called Reginald Maling. Volunteering at the National Spinal Injuries Centre at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, he encountered a young man who had been injured in a water-skiing accident. In April 2009, Possum Ltd received one of the most prestigious business awards in the UK, the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the Innovation category.

Products/services include:

  • Electronic Assistive Technology
  • Switches
  • Mounts
  • Telecare

 Member of Communication Matters: Organisational


Address: Unit 2, Eclipse Estate, Epsom, Surrey KT19 8JD
Tel: 01372 725203

MERU offers an individual design and manufacturing service of disability products for young disabled people where no other product exists to meet their needs. We can make modifications to existing disability products and repair damaged equipment, as well as custom-designing and manufacturing new and complex items.

We also offer a range of affordable ready-made disability products. They are designed and manufactured in-house by our engineers and volunteers in response to requests from families and therapists. They are available to purchase from our online shop. Sales of these help support our custom service.

MERU is part of the QEF family of charities offering a wide range of assistance to people with disabilities.

Products/services include:

  • Custom products
  • Ready-made products
  • Bugzi loan scheme
  • Travel chair
  • Switch adapted toys
  • Refer to other QEF services for assessments for driving, wheelchair and scooter, transfer and seating, and much more

Member of Communication Matters: Organisational

Scandle Ltd

Address: Suite 105, Ulverston Business Centre, 25 New Market Street, Ulverston LA12 7LQ
Contact: Becka Kitchin
Tel: 01229 585173

Scandle is the commercial wing of the well-known not-for-profit organisation CandLE Ltd. We design and supply software and resources for both communication and educational settings for those needing support, particularly AAC users.

We are planning to become resellers of some of the best software available, with free curriculum guides to accompany them.

Products/services include:

  • Phonics for All, our ground-breaking product initially platformed on Grid 2 and also available in Grid 3 and Mind Express versions. Coming soon – Clicker 7
  • Custom-made communication books that can be regularly updated
  • PODD books
  • Alternative Pencils – a lightweight waterproof letter board that enables early learners to practise writing
  • Predictable Chart Writing – templates that help early writers to make sentences

Member of Communication Matters: Organisational

Sensory Guru Ltd

Address: The Barn, Parrock Lane, Hartfield TN7 4AR
Contact: Lee Blemings
Tel: 01892 771 381

Sensory Guru is a leading assistive technology developer and supplier offering a varied range of sensory, communication and access technology products and services. The company is widely renowned for its innovative use of eye gaze technology for individuals with complex needs. It has integrated eye gaze and gesture technology to facilitate a new kind of immersive play that offers huge social benefits to people with complex needs.

The company is a leading supplier of Tobii-Dynavox and Rehadapt products, specialising in emergent communication, symbol vocabulary and text-based content for eye gaze, touch and switch access.

Sensory Guru is also adept at creating engaging sensory learning spaces for people of all ages and abilities and offers a wide variety of customisable access solutions, designed to promote inclusion and interaction between peers, using alternative access methods.

Products/services include:

  • Tobii hardware and software (full product range)
  • Tobii AAC training and end user support
  • Bespoke AAC content programming
  • Range of training and support services to assist customers as they develop new skills
  • Dedicated remote access and telephone support service for AAC clients between 9am – 6pm Mon-Fri
  • Sensory Guru’s qualified training team offer a variety of courses aimed at professionals and parents/carers working to support individuals using AAC

Member of Communication Matters: Organisational

Smartbox Assistive Technology Ltd

Address: Smartbox Assistive Technology, Ysobel House, Enigma Commercial Centre, Sandys Road, Malvern WR14 1JJ
Contact: Nick Ward and Adam Waits
Tel: 01684 578 868

We are specialists in assistive technology, creating innovative solutions that combine the latest hardware with the very best software. We provide a service that is friendly, efficient, honest and professional.

Our range of products include Grid 3, Look to Learn, the Grid Pad collection of devices and Grid Player for iPad. We also supply and support the largest range of eye gaze cameras in the UK, so you have the best product to suit you and your individual needs.

All systems are powered by Grid 3, our internationally renowned AAC software, providing you with tools for everything from symbol and text communication to environment and computer control. Grid 3 software is packed full of features and includes a complete selection of accessible apps and the all new Interactive Learning series of activities.

Whether you are new to assistive technology and just starting to learn early eye gaze skills, or looking for a powerful device that enables you to communicate quickly and efficiently, our team of friendly experts will work with you to find the right device and alternative access solution.

Our support and guidance does not end when your system arrives. We provide a variety of free training options and unlimited support is available from our team based in Malvern, Worcestershire.

To request a free visit, anywhere in the UK and Ireland, from one of our assistive technology specialists please book online, email or call us.

Products and services include:

  • Access specialists, including eye gaze, touch switch and head pointers
  • Grid Pad Go, Grid Pad Pro and Grid Pad Eye communication aids
  • Grid 3 software, including Fast Talker, Word Power, Vocab for Life and more
  • On-site visits with assistive technology experts
  • Free training and support

Member of Communication Matters: Organisational

Smile Smart Technology Ltd

Address: The Flour Barn, Frilsham Home Farm, Yattendon, Thatcham, Berkshire RG18 0XT
Tel: 01635 37550

The Smile team have been providing individual solutions to enhance the lives of people with special
needs since 1998. We focus on evolving and proven technologies to find holistic solutions to specialised communication, mobility and switching issues. We supply assistive technology products configured to suit individual needs for communication, mobility and rehabilitation.

We are the UK partner of Rehadapt offering specialist supply and installation. We manufacture Softytops, Flexirod and Drivedeck.

Products and services include:

  • Lead UK Rehadapt mount specialist supplier and fitter
  • Creator and manufacturer of the Drivedeck, Smile Smart System, Softytops and Flexirod
  • Mounts for communication devices, tablets, switches and controls to provide increased comfort, motivation and independence

Member of Communication Matters: Organisational

Steeper Ltd

Address: Mayflower House, 14 Pontefract Road, Leeds LS10 1TB
Contact: Lee Hoppley
Tel: 0113 207 0449

Steeper aims to improve people’s lives by applying the latest technology to healthcare. Our philosophy is to give our clients the tools to take control of their immediate environment and reduce their reliance on care. We enable our clients to fully realise their potential through the latest innovative electronic assistive technology medical devices, and as a result promote independent living. Assistive technology gives control and independence to people who struggle to complete everyday tasks.

Steeper is the UK’s market leader in advanced assistive technology, supplying the latest eye gaze technology, environmental controls and nurse call solutions. We develop, manufacture, supply, install and support electronic assistive technology products and systems both at home and internationally. We serve a range of sectors, including: NHS, care homes, schools and colleges, local authorities, specialist architects and private residents.

Products/services include:

  • Eye gaze technology
  • Environmental controls
  • Access control

Member of Communication Matters: Organisational

Talking Mats Ltd

Address: Talking Mats Centre, 2 Beta Centre, Stirling University Innovation Park, Stirling FK9 4NF
Contact: Lois Cameron
Tel: 01786 479511

Talking Mats is a low-tech communication framework involving sets of symbols. It was originally developed by the AAC Research Unit at the University of Stirling to support people with communication impairment.

Since its original conception, additional research has taken place and the mat is now an established communication tool that uses attached pictures and symbols as the basis for communication. It is designed to help people with communication difficulties to think about issues discussed with them, and provide them with a way to effectively express their opinions.

Products/services include:

  • Talking Mats Digital
  • Talking Mats Original

Member of Communication Matters: Organisational

Techcess Communications Ltd

Address: Totemic House, Springfield Business Park, Caunt Road, Grantham NG31 7FZ
Contact: Martin Green or Ian Foulger
Tel: 01476 561991

Techcess Communications Ltd is dedicated to helping people with little or no clear speech communicate more effectively. We recognise that effective communication improves the quality of life for every one of us. Driven by the satisfaction of our users, we passionately supply and support innovative talking technology (or AAC products) for use by anyone with a speech impairment.

Focusing on the communication need first, Techcess works as a consultant in finding the most appropriate communication technology for the customer, working in partnership with speech and language and occupational therapists. Techcess will oversee the supply and installation of mounting equipment and access peripherals such as eye gaze and other access products.

Products/services include:

Techcess currently supplies the following products from its sister company, Jabbla

  • AAC devices – Tellus i5, Tellus 5, Vibe, Mobi 3, Allora 2, Zingui 2, Smart 3
  • Access technologies – eye gaze (wide range), head movement, switches
  • Software – MindExpress, Eurovocs Suite

Member of Communication Matters: Organisational

The Makaton Charity

Address: Westmead House, Farnborough GU14 7LP
Contact: Nickie Wren
Tel: 01276 606 760

“I love the way that Makaton has enabled my son to develop his speech and make himself understood. It was like a light coming on when he very first used it and was understood. He is a lot more confident and loves to know that everyone understands him.”

Makaton is a language programme using signs and symbols to help people communicate. It is designed to support spoken language and the signs and symbols are used with speech in spoken word order. With Makaton, children and adults can communicate straight away which means that they can interact with others, be included in everyday life and fulfil their potential.

Our aim is to ensure that everyone living with learning and/or communication disabilities has the tools and resources they need to communicate.

The Makaton Charity

  • provides training to parents, carers, and professionals
  • develops and produces printed and electronic resources
  • works with others to make their information accessible
  • provides advice and support to families and professionals
  • works in partnership to influence society and empower people

Through our national network of over 1,000 licensed Makaton tutors and trainers, over 30,000 parents, carers and professionals receive Makaton training each year. Our cascade approach enables us to share knowledge and offers a sustainable model for empowering others to improve communication for all.

Products/services include:

  • Training for parents, carers and professionals
  • Resources using Makaton symbols and signs
  • Free family advisory service

Member of Communication Matters: Organisational

Therapy Box Ltd

Address: 3 Sun Studios, 30 Warple Way, London W3 0RX
Contact: Swapnil Gadgil
Tel: 020 8749 3474

Therapy Box provides augmentative communication solutions on iPads, iPhone, iPod Touch and Android devices. It seeks to apply the latest innovations in app development to meet the needs of those who have communication difficulties due to a range of disabilities.

The flagship text-to-speech app, Predictable is designed to give a voice to someone who is unable to use their own. Predictable 5 was released in January 2017, introducing a variety of new features making it faster and easier to operate. The Predictable for Android is the Android version of Predictable for iOS , bringing all the features of the app to all current Android devices.

Therapy Box’s range of educational apps featuring Dubdub, the little yellow dinosaur who loves to learn about words, was launched in 2015. Rhyming Bus, Minimal Pairs and Odd One Out are all apps aimed at helping small children develop their speech and listening skills. Therapy Box also recently released the world’s first Phonics Keyboard extension for iOS devices. It sounds out the letters as you type, making it perfect for small typists everywhere to practise phonics and spelling, or even to send emails and search the web.

As well as selling apps, Therapy Box has a number of bundle combinations designed to suit a variety of user needs. Assessment kits are always a popular option for departments or organisations.

The company’s app development service is second to none. It is currently working on a number of apps with clients from the speech and language industry as well as other organisations. If you think you have that one-in-a-million idea, let’s work together! Winner of the Ericsson App Award 2013, the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise: Innovation 2014 and the Nectar Small Business Award 2015.

Products/services include:

  • Therapy Box apps: Predictable for iOS, Predictable for Android, ChatAble, Scene & Heard, Inku, Minimal Pairs, Odd One Out, Phonics Keyboard
  • Partner Aaps: Proloquo2Go by Assitiveware and Grid Player by Sensory Software
  • Switch accessible iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
  • Customer support and service with the option to upgrade to a two-year service and hardware maintenance pack.

Member of Communication Matters: Organisational

Tobii Dynavox Ltd

Address: Sheffield Science Parks, Cooper Building, Arundel Street, Sheffield S1 2NS
Contact: Rob Gregory
Tel: 0114 481 0011

Tobii Dynavox is the global leader and pioneer in touch and eye tracking-based AAC devices. Our 100% focus and commitment to customers helps to empower and enable them to realise more successful and meaningful communication. Tobii Dynavox was formed in 2014 when Tobii Assistive Technology (founded in 2001) merged with Dynavox Systems (founded in 1983). The merger created the world leader in devices, software and tools for alternative communication giving thousands of people in need around the world the ability to communicate despite any limitations.

The market-leading I Series + dedicated device has a multitude of features such as wake and sleep on gaze, that give you the ability to put the device to sleep using only your eyes, saving hours of battery time. The I Series + also has a built-in SD card that backs up all of your pages and settings once a week, so you don’t need to worry about backups. If you need to restore them, a few selections will do it for you, or you can transfer the SD card to a new device. The I Series + is built to be fast, safe and reliable.

Our portable eye gaze devices are the first choice for someone needing full PC control, or a school looking for eye gaze as a resource. As the only cameras in the world to feature both bright and dark pupil-tracking, the PCEye Go and PCEye Explore track more people, more accurately, more of the time. Often used with Gaze Viewer, the software that allows you to track where anyone is looking on any content, you can track AAC pages, YouTube, books, powerpoint, language assessments. If it’s on a screen, you can track it. This gives you an invaluable insight into the thoughts and processes of your students and patients.

The I Series + and T Series devices can be used with touch, joystick, switch, headmouse etc. Our Communicator 5 and Compass software, designed for AAC, are fully featured, for the emergent communicator to the most advanced. You’ll never outgrow it. If you’re an AAC professional and would like a free copy of Communicator or Compass, get in touch.

We also have the Sono Flex and Compass Apps for iPad and Windows tablets. For something more low-tech, Boardmaker Online produces symbol resources from any internet-connected device – no more disks, just Boardmaker anywhere. Great if you’re not in the same classroom or even the same school. Wherever you log on, you get all of your content.

Products/services include:

  • PCEye Go – PCEye Mini
  • VocaliD Voice Banking
  • myTobiiDynavox Message Banking
  • Core First
  • Snap Scene
  • Windows Control

Member of Communication Matters: Organisational

Voice Aid

Address: Unex Designs Ltd. (Voiceaid), Woodland Business Park, Torquay TQ2 7AT
Contact: Martyn Barklett-Judge
Tel: 01803 612772

Voice Aid provides a unique portable amplifier kit for anyone who needs to amplify their voice when speaking and avoid straining their voice when speaking over a prolonged period. Nearly twice as powerful as conventional portable voice amplifiers, the Voice Aid amplifier offers 18 watts RMS and the kit includes a slim-line headphone and lapel microphone. This means sound quality is enhanced all the more for not being operated at full volume.

Voice Aid also offers an adjustable throat microphone and unique hypoallergenic adhesive pad throat microphone. Both microphone options offer high performance as well as out of sight and ease of use.

Voiceaid has a starter pack for speech therapists and professionals, which comprises voice amplifier kit, throat microphone, and adhesive pad throat microphone kit, for just £36 + £3 carriage (plus VAT). This enables every clinic or independent speech therapist to have a full kit to hand for trialling with patients.

All Voice Aid products are offered at subsidised NHS prices.

Products/services include:

  • Voice Aid 18W portable voice amplifier
  • Headset, throat and adhesive pad throat microphones
  • Professional starter packs
  • Full support and training

Member of Communication Matters: Organisational

Widgit Software Ltd

Address: 26 Queen Street, Cubbington, Leamington Spa CV32 7NA
Contact: Jane Batchelor
Tel: 01926 333 680

Founded in 1981, Widgit Software is the longest-established special educational needs software company in the UK. We have developed a widely recognised set of over 15,000 symbols that are used globally. Health and education professionals around the world use Widgit software and symbols with learners of all ages and ability to support language development, communication, literacy and learning.

In partnership with Logan Tech, Widgit Software is now the exclusive distributor for the ProxTalker and the ProxPAD. Both are exciting mid-tech communication devices that use RFID technology to speak symbol tags. ProxTalker is the next step for any picture exchange system user. Just pick a tag, place it on a button and press and the ProxTalker will say the appropriate sound, word or sentence. ProxPAD is a powerful device that enables communication for a wide range of users, including people with limited language, hand function or visual impairment.

InPrint 3 enables you to make high quality, symbol-supported resources easily and quickly, saving you hours in preparation.

Widgit Online allows you to create, save and share symbol grids and documents online.

Products/services include:

  • Widgit symbols
  • Prox Talker, ProxPAD
  • InPrint 3
  • Widgit Online
  • Apps, symbol support for websites and learning platforms, writing activities and communication, mind maps to help organise thoughts, ideas and tasks and signage
  • 30-day money-back guarantee on all products and free technical support

Member of Communication Matters: Organisational

What to look for in a supplier

All supplier members of Communication Matters subscribe to the Communication Matters Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct is not a legal document but sets the standard for good commercial practice. Customers are entitled to expect the same standard of professional integrity from suppliers who are not currently members of Communication Matters.

The British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA)

The British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA), founded in 1917, is the UK’s oldest and largest healthcare association. The association has almost 500 member companies employing over 17,000 people who make or sell healthcare and assistive technology products that help people live more independently.

Members are organised by “sectors” that cover the range or products they make and/or supply, such as wheelchairs, stairlifts, prosthetics etc. One of these sectors is AAC and several suppliers, who are members of Communication Matters, are also members of the BHTA.

BHTA Code of Practice

The BHTA Code of Practice is the only one in the healthcare sector overseen by the Trading Standards Institute (TSI). It is binding on the member companies. All BHTA members sign up to the Code, demonstrating their commitment to high levels of customer care that go above and beyond their legal obligations, leading to customer confidence.

The BHTA operates an independent complaints procedure. Customers who buy from a BHTA member and have a problem that cannot be resolved directly with the supplier can contact the BHTA who will act as arbitrator.

The BHTA website ( has a member list so you can check if an AAC supplier is a member or not. A supplier’s own website may also indicate membership of the BHTA.

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