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Trustees & Staff

Trustees are responsible for the organisation and the management of Communication Matters, which is also the UK branch of an international organisation, ISAAC. Trustees are therefore responsible for making sure that Communication Matters as an organisation meets both its own aims and objectives and those set by ISAAC.

As Communication Matters is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee, Trustees are responsible for ensuring that the organisation complies with current charity and company laws. Being a Trustee of Communication Matters does not (and cannot by law) bring with it any financial reward, but Trustees may claim out-of-pocket expenses for activities directly related to the work of being a Trustee, e.g. travel expenses. 

The Board of Trustees appoints a Chair/Co-Chairs, Treasurer and Secretary. The Treasurer and Secretary are the 'official jobs'. However, all Trustees have jobs to do to keep Communication Matters running and to enable it to carry out all its activities, e.g. administering and vetting grant applications, organising the annual International AAC Conference, reviewing and selecting the papers to be presented at the conference.

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The Board of Trustees usually meets four times a year, including one meeting just before the International AAC Conference. These meetings are held at the University of Leeds. As well as these face-to-face meetings, we communicate with each other frequently by email, letter and phone. There's a lot to do to keep Communication Matters running smoothly! 

Trustees 2018








The current Board Of Trustees (November 2018)

More About Being a Trustee

Trustees follow 'Best Practice' guidelines in all their activities for the charity. Here are some of the main guidelines:

Members can log-in to read the full set of guidelines in the Members' Area.

CM Office Staff and Other Roles

Communication Matters has a manager and an administrator who handle the day-to-day running of the organisation, such as membership renewals, conference registration, organising events, communications and book-keeping.

  • Emily Campbell (Charity Manager)
  • Mary-Ann D'Sa (Charity Administrator)
  • Neil Hansen (ISAAC Council member)