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Parents & Families

Support for Families 

There is a lively family centred charity called 1Voice which runs a number of national and local events. These focus on children and young people using AAC together. You can find them on Facebook and they have a website

Find Childcare and Family Services in your area

The Family and Childcare Trust website includes a search facility to find local childcare and family services. The website also has information about childcare for children with disabilities and getting help with the costs.

Transition to Adulthood

There are a number of organisations that help parents and families as children grow into adults. A new programme for parents has been set up by 'Scottish Autism' who have created the 'Right Click' programme. This new adult programme will look to promote wellbeing, positive living and relationships as well as planning for the future. Parents can sign up for free on their website

Free loan service for specialist communication aids at libraries

Libraries across West Sussex are now offering free to loan resources to help people who have difficulty communicating. 

The new 'Understand Me' service will provide specialist resources for children, young people and adults who require help with communication, including those that use alternative and augmentative communication (AAC). The equipment includes specially adapted toys, switches, recordable audio devices and GoTalk communication devices.

The equipment can be reserved by any library member using an online form and collected from any library in West Sussex. Items are loaned for three-weeks, matching the period for books, and can be renewed online 24/7. Library membership is free and open to everyone who lives, works or studies in West Sussex.

To take advantage, search 'join the library' on the West Sussex website or visit your local library.
For more information regarding the Understand Me service visit their website.

Voice Banking 

Many people with motor neurone disease (MND) will experience weakness in the bulbar region, affecting muscles of the mouth, throat and tongue. This weakness can lead to problems with speech and voice, which will affect ability to communicate (dysarthria).

The MND Association has produced an information sheet about voice banking for people with MND. This information is for health and social care professionals and gives an overview of what voice banking is, what the process involves and where to find more information.

You can download the sheet from our dedicated voice banking page on our website:, which sits alongside our MND AAC Pathway and MND AAC Guidelines (currently being updated).

If you would like to order hard copies of this information please contact our MND Connect helpline on 0808 802 6262 or email

Simons Able 

Offers services such as disability awareness workshops, consultancy for professionals, and mentoring for people with physical disabilities and their families. They believe in helping people with physical disabilities become independent and have a sense of self identity. Visit their website to find out more.


Afasic has produced some new free downloads about secondary school age children 'Helping your school age child to talk' and these can be downloaded for free from:

Facebook Groups

A place for discussion for AAC users and their families. (You must have a Facebook account and be logged in to view the links).