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You are invited to join us as an Associate member of Communication Matters (CM). There are around 400 Associate members, reflecting both the geographical spread throughout the UK and the various interests in AAC – professional, personal experience and trade.

CM is the UK Chapter of ISAAC (International Society for AAC), that means that when you join CM, you are also joining ISAAC and a portion of your annual membership fee goes directly to ISAAC.

Membership of Communication Matters runs from January 1st to December 31st. All members receive three issues of the Communication Matters Journal. If you join part way through the year then you will receive back issues of the CM Journal. There are some additional journals and newsletters you can subscribe to as part of your CM membership.

Organisational, Corporate and Institutional members agree to abide by a Code of Conduct. Communication Matters has a Complaints Policy.

Free membership. There are a number of free memberships for AAC users and their family members, who have not previously been a member. 


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