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Keyboards are available in different sizes, shapes and layouts. Some keyboards also have keyguards which minimise the risk of to hitting an unintended key. Computers and communication aids offer facilities to slow down the repeat rate of keys, minimize repeated hits of a key (tremor) and allow the production of capital letters and other multi-key combinations (sticky keys).

Several variables may be adjusted to make it easier to operate the keyboard. Keys may be made larger or smaller. A keyguard may be added to reduce unwanted activations. Some devices allow the sensitivity of keys to be adjusted, setting a time that the key has to be held down before activating, and/or an elapse time before the next key can be activated. Some people find it helpful to select keys with a tool such as a 'prodder' or a head pointer.

Advice and an opportunity to explore many different options are critical to success. Fine tuning the position, orientation and pressure required to operate a device may make the difference between success and frustration.


Big Keys keyboard  Big Keys keyboard with keyguard





Ultra Compact=  Ultra Compact keyboard with keyguard




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