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Graphic symbol sets

The most frequently used in the UK are Picture Communication Symbols (PCS)™, Widgit Symbols™, Symbolstix™ and Blissymbols™.

Picture Communication Symbols (PCS)™
There are approximately 5,000 symbols in a core library. Addendum libraries of PCS and country-specific libraries bring the total to approximately 12,000 symbols. PCS is available in 44 different languages. The symbols consist of simple drawings that can be represented in black and white or colour. There are versions that have thin outlines or are in high contrast.
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Widgit Symbols™
The Widgit Symbol Set contains more than 12,000 symbols. Widgit is available in 17 different languages. The Widgit Symbol Set has been designed specifically for written information and as such contains some basic grammatical symbols.
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SymbolStix consists of more than 12,000 symbols that are available on a number of Voice Output devices. Symbolstix symbols were created to support a website with educational materials and news of current events for people who could not read this information as text. The symbols are available through an online subscription.
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Originally devised as an international language, Blissymbols were adopted for use by people with complex communication difficulties in the 1970s. Symbols are built with systematic visual elements which have consistent meanings.
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