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Communication Matters Journal 2006

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Journal Vol. 20 No. 1Vol. 20 No.1 April 2006

  • The Appropriate Use of PECS?(Ann Gresswell & Rachel Moore)
  • Successful Literacy for Children with Severe Communication Difficulties - Review of AAC Study Day (Katie Clarke)
  • Find A Voice: Celebrating 10 years of supporting people with communication needs (Joy Butcher)
  • BETT 2006 & The Special Needs Fringe (Janet Larcher with Maggie Wagstaff)
  • AAC Strategies: Tools for Success Across Environments - Review of AAC Study Day (Kate Laws, Jo Weaver, Mike Sissions, Alison Galvin, Julie Tarn)
  • "What Communication Matters means to me" (Liz Moulam)
  • AAC Suppliers update Feature

Journal Vol. 20 No. 2Vol. 20 No.2 August 2006

  • Partner Assisted Communication Systems: Let me show you how I communicate (Julia Hampson)
  • Sharlene's Speech (Sharlene Ferguson)
  • The Acute Hospital Experience for Adults with Complex Communication Needs (Joan Murphy & Lois Cameron)
  • Fun at Saxon Wood School (Jane MacKenzie)
  • Identifying, Recording and Measuring Outcomes — A Pilot Project (Judith de Ste Croix & Sally Chan)
  • Blissymbols and Manual Signing — A Combined Approach (Alison MacDonald)
  • Observation of Learning and Learning Style as an Assessment Technique in Augmentative and Alternative Communication (Bruce R Baker)
  • Developing and Using a Communication Book with Eye Pointing Children (Clare Latham & Katharine Buckley)
  • Standardising A Wheelchair Mounting Procedure: A Multi-Agency Approach (Alison Teague & Adrian Hibbert)
  • 'Building Bridges to Effective Communication' Conference 2006 (Anna Rourke)
  • VIVOCA: A Voice Input, Voice Output Communication Aid — What do communication aid users think? (Rebecca Palmer)

Journal Vol. 20 No. 3Vol. 20 No.3 November 2006

  • The Semantic Organisation Patterns of Adults with Learning Disabilities: Implications for People who use AAC (Catriona Bennie)
  • Nice Warm Socks – Songs for everyone to sing (Shan Graebe)
  • AAC and Self Identity (Meredith Allan)
  • Communicating Together at ISAAC 2006 (Alan McGregor)
  • Making Friends at ISAAC 2006 (Beth Moulam)
  • Bowls, Banter, Bocchia and Social Events for Everyone (Claire Forster & Helen Dixon)
  • BT ChildLine Awards (Toby Hewson & Beth Moulam)
  • Celebrating 21 Years of Communication Matters (Janet Scott)
  • Acting, Attitudes and AAC (Alan Martin)
  • A Grand Day Out – 1Voice National Network Day (Katie Clarke)
  • Tacpac™
  • What Evidence do We Have for Best Practice? Thoughts from typical and aided models of language development (Janice Murray & Juliet Goldbart)
  • Developing and Using Signing (Ann Miles & Rachel Key)
  • What is the Impact of Access to High-Tech Communication Aids on Children with Autism? (Rebecca Checkley & Alli Gaskin)