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CM2013 Conference Abstracts

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A Critical Appraisal of Measuring Outcomes in Relation to AAC Sally Boa (Talking Mats Ltd), Joan Murphy (Talking Mats Ltd)

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A Series of Experimental Investigations on iPad-based AAC Interventions for Individuals with Severe Autism Oliver Wendt (Purdue University - USA), Ning Hsu (Purdue University - USA), Lauren Cain (Purdue University - USA), Rachel Casey (Purdue University - USA), Alyssa Dienhart (Purdue University - USA), Evan Mattice (Purdue University - USA), Kara Simon (Purdue University - USA)

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A Survivor's Guide to Communication Matters Gillian Hazell (AAC Consultancy), Vicky Lundie (ACT)
A View from Westminster Paul Maynard MP
AAC is Too Difficult! Developing New Ways to Engage New Users Dougal Hawes (Smartbox Assistive Technology Ltd)
AACess for All: An overview of AAC services across the UK Sally Chan and Judith de Ste Croix (Regional Leads for the South), Gary Derwent (Regional Lead for London), Clive Thursfield (Regional Lead for the Midlands), Anna Reeves (Regional Lead for the North), Pamela Cornwallis (Scotland - North), Linda Page (Scotland - South)

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ACE Centre Needs You! Getting involved in ACE Centre projects Suzanne Martin (ACE Centre), Will Wade (ACE Centre)
An Introduction to AAC for Local SLT Students Catherine Harris (Communication Matters), Toby Hewson (Just Different), Sally Chan (Paediatric Communication Aids Service, Bristol)
Applying and Exploring the Use of Eye-Gaze Technology Within the Special School Environment Alli Gaskin (Lancasterian School), Charlotte Irvine (Lancasterian School)
Autism and Independent Communication through Eye-Gaze Adam Forrest, Gillian Hazell (AAC Consultancy)
Big Cheese, Small Cog: A moving feast of need Janice Murray (Manchester Metropolitan University), Joan Ruddell, Liz Moulam
Communication Access: An Australian journey Hilary Johnson (Communication Resource Centre - Scope Australia), Denise West (Communication Resource Centre - Scope Australia), Barbara Solarsh (Communication Resource Centre - Scope Australia), Hank Wyllie (Communication Resource Centre - Scope Australia), Ron Morey (Communication Resource Centre - Scope Australia)

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Communication Aids Referral Team: Establishing and maintaining a local AAC service that transcends boundaries Tina Peck
Communication in My World Julie Bello, Natasha Bello

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Communication Matters Annual Meeting 2013 Board of Trustees
Communication Matters on the Sofa Paul Maynard MP, Lee Ridley, Mark Rowland , Tom Griffiths
Communication Matters: Has it got a role in transition? Sandra Hartley (Communication Matters)
Connect to Control: How we can do the 'bells and whistles' Rohan Slaughter (Beaumont College)

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Connectedness: Up close and personal! Beth Moulam, Emma Green
Creative Communication in Art Claire Evans (University of Leeds), Catherine Harris (Communication Matters)
Developing Communication Skills and Literacy Through the Use of AAC Strategies Anna Conway (Lancasterian School), Alli Gaskin (Lancasterian School)
Developing Knowledge and Skills in AAC: The worker's journey Janet Scott (SCTCI), Susan Shandley (NHS Education for Scotland)
Developing your App with Therapy Box Swapnil Gadgil (Therapy Box)
Educating Undergraduate Medical Students in AAC Paul McKenzie (University of Dundee), Kathleen Cummins (University of Dundee), Annalu Waller (University of Dundee), Susan Law (University of Dundee)
Evaluation of Provision Only Service in East Kent Ladan Najafi (East Kent Adult Communication and Assistive Technology Service)
Eye-Gaze Control of Computers and Eye-Tracking During Play: A means of assessment for people with Rett Syndrome Sally-Ann Garrett, Hector Minto (Tobii Technology)

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Eye-tracking Patterns and Cognition as Part of the AAC Assessment Process Hector Minto (Tobii Technology)
Facilitated Communication Training: Asking the appropriate research question Marion Stanton (CandLE Ltd)
Facilitating Participation in Children with Four Limb Cerebral Palsy Nicky Wood (East Kent Hospitals University Foundation NHS Trust), Kerynne Thompson (East Kent Hospitals University Foundation NHS Trust), Marian Nairac (Kent Community Health NHS Trust), Friedl Jansen van Vuure (Kent Community Health NHS Trust), Rebecca Judge (East Kent Hospitals University Foundation NHS Trust)

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Five Things to Consider When Developing AAC Systems for Children with Autism Euan Robertson (DynaVox Mayer-Johnson)
From AAC to BBC: Special school participation in the BBC School News Report Day Alli Gaskin (Lancasterian School)
Go Communication Team! Working in Communication Teams in Special Schools in Birmingham Heather Hallett (Birmingham Community Healthcare Trust), Kay Hemming (Birmingham Community Healthcare Trust)

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Identifying Desired Outcomes for People who have Complex Communication Support Needs Jacky Smith (Sense Scotland)
Increasing the Communicative Opportunities and Skills of Young People with Multiple Physical and Sensory Disabilities Tamzin Gribble (Dame Hannah Rogers Trust), Allegra Cattani (Plymouth University), Ruth Firth (Dame Hannah Rogers Trust), Lauren Carroll (Plymouth University)

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Introducing a New, Simple and Effective Keyboard and Switch-based Communication Aid from Jabbla Ian Foulger (Techcess), Bart Noë (Jabbla)
Long Term Therapy Support to Use AAC by an Adult with Anarthria following a Stroke Nicola Hayton (Sheffield Health and Social Care Foundation Trust), Tracey Hadfield (Sheffield Health and Social Care Foundation Trust)
Making My Kind of Music Mark Rowland
Making Symbol-Supported Materials via PC, Online and iPad Simon Burr (Widgit Software)
Media Representations of AAC Users: How do we want to be seen? Kate Caryer
Motor Neurone Disease - A Review of Local Service Provision: What lessons can we learn? Polly Wingate-Saul (Bristol Communication Aid Service), Vicky Styles (Bristol Communication Aid Service)

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New Developments in Talking Mats: Digital Talking Mat, bespoke visual images, children and young people Lois Cameron (Talking Mats Ltd), Sally Boa (Talking Mats Ltd)
Perceptions of the Role of Occupational Therapy within the Field of AAC Kate McCallum (University of Cumbria), Liz Harrison (University of Cumbria)
Proloquo2Go 3 and Proloquo4Text: Come see what's new! David Niemeijer (AssistiveWare), Jennifer Marden (AssistiveWare)
Quality of Communication Support for People with Severe or Profound Intellectual Disability and Complex Needs Jill Bradshaw (University of Kent), Julie Beadle-Brown (University of Kent), Jennifer Beecham (University of Kent), Jim Mansell (University of Kent), Theresia Baumker (University of Kent), Jennifer Leigh (University of Kent), Rebecca Whelton (University of Kent), Lisa Richardson (University of Kent)

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Raising awareness of AAC through the use of training South Devon Police about hate and mate crime Scott Stack
Research Legacy and Looking Forward Janice Murray (Manchester Metropolitan University), Pam Enderby (University of Sheffield), Sarah Creer (University of Sheffield)
Safe Social Networking Study Days: An introduction Tom Griffiths (Great Ormond Street Hospital), Sally Chan (Bristol Paediatric Communication Aid Service), Scott Stack
Setting Up Online Communication via Mouseless Browsing for Switch Users Dante Rossi (Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability), Marc Viera (Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability)
Stories at the Dentist: Identifying communication issues in special care dentistry settings Rachel Menzies (University of Dundee), Daniel Herron (University of Dundee), Ruth Freeman (University of Dundee), Annalu Waller (University of Dundee), Lesley Scott (NHS)
Storysharing: Developing personal experience narratives with young people with complex needs Nicola Grove (Openstorytellers), Jane Harwood (Openstorytellers), Judy Dumont (Threeways School)
Student Speech and Language Therapists using AAC in the Community Amy Garnett

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Talking Mats as a Goal Setting and Review Tool in Clients with Complex Communication Needs Helen Paterson (Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability), Marc Viera (Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability)
The Assessment of Functional Gaze Control in Young Children with Cerebral Palsy: Preliminary insights Samantha Wallis (University College London), Kate Edwards (University College London), Katherine Short (University College London), Tom Griffiths (Great Ormond Street Hospital NHS Trust), Katie Price (Great Ormond Street Hospital NHS Trust), Jenefer Sargent (Great Ormond Street Hospital NHS Trust), Simon Judge (Barnsley Hospital NHS Trust), John Swettenham (University College London), Michael Clarke (University College London)
The Development of a Communication Charter in Cornwall Sally Mills (Cornwall Partnership Foundation Trust), Celia Todd (Cornwall Partnership Foundation Trust)
The New ChooseIt! Maker 3 - Online Sandra Thistlethwaite (Inclusive Technology Ltd)
The Only Way is Ethics: A tour of data-privacy issues in AAC Lizzie Coles-Kemp (Royal Holloway - University of London), Joseph Reddington (Royal Holloway - University of London)
The Password is Irony: Fixing the communication problems in open source AAC products Joseph Reddington (Royal Holloway, University of London)
The Practicalities of Mapping AAC Services Vicky Johnson (Barnsley Assistive Technology Team)

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The Success and Impact of a Multidisciplinary Approach: A case study Sandra Ferne (Treloar College), Amanda Anderson (Treloar College)
Three’s Company: An experimental proposal for AAC Norman Alm (University of Dundee)

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Towards a Description of Eye-Pointing Skills: Use of gaze for children with cerebral palsy Katie Price (Great Ormond Street Hospital), Jenefer Sargent (Great Ormond Street Hospital), Tom Griffiths (Great Ormond Street Hospital), John Swettenham (University College London), Michael Clarke (University College London)
Training Communication Partners of Adults who use AAC: Finding the evidence Bettina Arenstein (NSW Speech Pathology Evidence Based Practise Network - Australia), Nicole Lipson
Transitioning from PECS to iPad: Exceeding all expectations Daisy Clay (Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust)
Using Clicker Apps and Clicker 6 to Support Literacy in the Classroom Jordan Butel (Crick Software Ltd)
Using the Kinect as an Engagement and Emerging Communication Tool for Low Functioning Pupils with Autism and SLD Anthony Rhys (Trinity Fields School and Resource Centre)
Ways to Communicate: A suite of freely available new materials to raise awareness of AAC Sally Millar (CALL Scotland), Craig Mill (CALL Scotland)
Welcome to our World of Deafness, Disability and AAC Katie Clarke
What Are We Learning From Our Clients With Aphasia Who Use High-Tech AAC? Fiona Panthi (Kent Adult Communication & Assistive Technology Service), Karen Reed (Kent Adult Communication & Assistive Technology Service)

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What do Scottish AAC Users Value from their Services? How do they Rate Quality? Lois Cameron (Talking Mats Ltd), Sally Boa (Talking Mats Ltd)

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What Does the Future Hold for Communication Matters? Grassroots Reality and Blue Sky Thinking Catherine Harris
What the Exam Board Said: AAC users accessing GCSEs Marion Stanton (CandLE Ltd)
What We Want to Know About AAC, What We Need to Know, and What the Difference Is: A map for researchers Joseph Reddington (Royal Holloway, University of London)
What's New at Smartbox Nick Ward (Smartbox AT Ltd), Adam Waits (Smartbox AT Ltd)
Will iPads and Androids Take Over the AAC World? Gary Derwent (Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability)
Working with Individuals with Complex Needs and a Visual Impairment: Looking back and looking forward Kay Wrench (Oldham ACNS Team for Visual and Physical Impairment), Roger Bates (Inclusive Technology Ltd)
YouTube, Facebook, Twitter: Facilitation of readiness for high-tech AAC through computer access Jodie Rogers (East Kent Adult Communication and Assistive Technology Service)
“A system that allowed collection of comparable AAC data within and across board areas would be fantastic” Janet Scott (SCTCI, Glasgow), Morag Ferguson (NHS Education for Scotland)
“Get rid of that pain in my neck!” Gregor Gilmour (Beaumont College), Diana Mountain (Beaumont College), Kate McCallum (Beaumont College)
“Happy and excited”: Perceptions of using digital technology by young people who use AAC Amanda Hynan (Manchester Metropolitan University)